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EHR 24/7 is a web-based software that offers a wide range of features, including patient scheduling, medical billing, and electronic health records. EHR 24/7 is ONC-ATCB certified and HIPAA-compliant practice management tool. The platform is also Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified, meaning that it meets the requirements for eligible providers to receive incentive payments under the federal government's EHR Incentive Program. 

In addition to being compliant with all relevant regulations, EHR 24/7 software offers users secure login and data storage, so you can be confident that your patient data is safe and secure when using this EHR platform. Whether you're a solo provider or part of a larger practice, EHR 24/7 can help you meet your EHR needs. The software also integrates with several dictation platforms, including Dragon. With Dragon, users can dictate directly into EHR 24/7, which will automatically create a new chart note and attach the corresponding sound file. Allowing physicians and other clinicians to quickly and easily create accurate notes without manually typing them out. 

Key Features 

Patient Portal  

The Patient Portal helps patients to access their medical information, schedule appointments, and request prescription renewals. This improves communication between patients and their care providers and makes it easier for patients to stay on top of their health. 


E-prescribing helps streamline the prescribing process by allowing users to send prescriptions electronically to pharmacies, improve the efficiency of care delivery, and reduce the risk of errors associated with paper prescriptions. 

Telehealth and Patient Engagement Modules 

The Telehealth and patient engagement modules help to improve care coordination by allowing providers to connect with patients remotely and engage with them in their care. These modules also help to improve patient outcomes by providing patients with tools and resources to manage their health and make informed decisions about their care. 

Lab Interface 

Lab interface and SOAP note templates help streamline patient encounters, progress, and care delivery by allowing users to quickly and easily create progress notes based on the most recent lab results. 

EHR 24/7 Pricing 

The EHR 24/7 pricing starts at $29.95 /month. Click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button to get a customized quote according to your requirements. 

EHR 24/7 Demo 

You can request and watch a free EHR 24/7 demo to see how the EHR 24/7 works. The software does not offer any free trial or free version. 

EHR 24/7 Reviews 

The software has received a good overall rating online with users praising the software for its user-friendly interface and robust feature set. Some reviewers highlighted how the software is quite affordable and offers good value-for-money features. You can read more EHR 24/7 reviews in our Review Section. 

Our Thoughts 

EHR 24/7 is a comprehensive and user-friendly electronic health record management platform that offers a full suite of features to meet the needs of any size practice. The software complies with all relevant regulations and integrates with several dictation platforms to make charting quick and easy. Overall, we believe that EHR 24/7 software is a good option for practices looking for an all-in-one EHR solution at an affordable price.

Today's most popular FAQs

Which medical departments prefer EHR 24/7 software?

Departments including Cardiology, Urgent Care, Podiatry, Urology, Ophthalmology, Family Medicine, and Internal Medicine.

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EHR 24/7 reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews



Medical Practice

11-50 Employees

November 2022

Money well spent

My work requires a lot of home visits especially after the dynamics changed after the pandemic. That's when I switched to an EMR to better manage my practice, without the need to physically be in the office. The remote access is robust and very useful for my team as well. The claims are processed rapidly, with reports providing status updates along the route. I would recommend it to anyone with a tight budget, who would still like to enjoy the luxury of all the essential features in an EMR.

We have very busy days, and I rely heavily on the application to function properly, which it does most of the time. There have been days when the server has been down which hinders our progress, and that's my only problem with EHR 24/7. There should be an instant fix available in such cases so that the workflow is not affected. I do print the schedules ahead of time to avoid this issue but it's not ideal.

Stefan S.

Medical & Healthcare

11-50 Employees

November 2022

Good if you have never experienced an EHR before

It has really allowed us to manage our practice with excellent customer support. I can confirm that EHR 24/7 has worked admirably for our small office with a handful of office workers. We were able to start a practice with a pretty low overhead because it is free. The software is cloud-based with a very stable connection, and I love that I can access it from anywhere I am. The appearance of the visitor's tab is quite straightforward. In my experience, claims are also simple to create since you may add line items from your custom superbill by checking various boxes.

I have noticed recently that their website appears to be unavailable during peak hours, slowing down the billing process. We have even had delays till the end of the workday to complete billing. Furthermore, the ERA adjustments are posted twice at random. I don't like how patients’ information is displayed and that I have to open numerous tabs to view it. The statement generator is too simplistic and has very few filters as well. They also do not print statements in alphabetical order, which has been quite inconvenient.

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