The solution provides separate components for patients and clinicians, including a Patient Portal and a Practice Management System. Both modules enable rapid access to real-time data protected by verified security mechanisms. The system also includes e-Health, a telemedicine platform that enables consultation sessions to be conducted easily by smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The intelligent billing system ensures accurate billing and prompt payment. In addition, an integrated e-Prescription module allows you to send electronic prescriptions to pharmacies and receive refill requests. 

The cloud-based structure guarantees that your system will continue to operate effectively regardless of the demand placed upon it. EHRCentral also features a MIS powered by artificial intelligence that supports essential decision making, strategic planning, and forecasting through historical data analysis. The comprehensive system offers intelligent workflows, configurable alerts management, adaptive charting, 24/7 customer support, a platform for provider-patient contact, and a plethora of other useful features that assist your healthcare practice in a way that is unparalleled. 

Key Features 

Patient Portal 

With the EHRCentral patient portal, medication renewals no longer necessitate phone calls and faxes, and neither do payments nor messaging. Access documents and patient records from the past. Patients have access to the documents and medical records. The payment history and status are also accessible to both patients and providers. The majority of menial administrative jobs can be automated, eliminating patient wait times. 

Patient Care and Engagement 

Improve the patient experience through the use of electronic registration and scheduling, appointment reminders, reputation management, and secure two-way communications. Fill up your schedule and decrease the frequency of no-shows. The EHRCentral Team places the utmost importance on facilitating patient care and ensuring that each practitioner can provide patient-centered care. Utilizing our highly adaptable solution, you may proactively cater to the needs of your patients. 

Billing Management  

The EHRCentral Medical Billing Management System enables you to electronically check each patient's eligibility, thereby avoiding tedious paperwork. Thus, the expedited submission of the claim expedites the reimbursement process. Also receive Electronic Remittance Advice electronically. 

EHRCentral Pricing 

The pricing has not been provided by the vendor but it can be asked for by contacting the software. There is no free trial for it. 

EHRCentral Demo 

The webpage for the software provides a clickable overview. It can let users familiarize themselves with the tool's functionality and decide whether to purchase the product. 

EHRCentral Reviews 

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The solution includes distinct mobile applications for doctors and patients. These mobile applications are accessible to both iOS and Android users. Additionally, there are distinct web portals for physicians and patients.

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