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What is EHRYourWay Software? 


EHRYourWay is a behavioral health EHR solution. The software digitizes the storage of paper forms and simplifies data associated with behavioral health treatment. It offers an intuitive desktop and cloud-based mobile application. Adding to that, the system is certified by ONC & DEA for inpatient and outpatient agencies, making it a secure option.  

Furthermore, the convenient dashboard makes it easier to manage custom notes and scheduling. Ultimately, EHRYourWay helps practitioners focus on providing quality care for their patients. Scroll down to learn more about EHRYourWay features and how it works. 

What is EHRYourWay Software best for? 

Although EHRYourWay software provides several functionalities to manage your workflows, it is best known for helping practitioners transition to a paperless setting. Additionally, EHRYourWay reviews show that its top-performing features, as preferred by the users, include document management and an activity dashboard.   

The application provides excellent document management facilities by keeping all important information in one place. This allows practitioners to get access to patient information and provide them with the most accurate treatment timely. 

EHRYourWay Software Integrations 

The software can be installed on both desktop and mobile cloud-based devices. EHRYourWay software offers limited information about the platforms it integrates with. However, you can still get an idea by talking to our specialized customer representatives via our helpline.  

Even better, click on the “Watch Demo” option to experience EHRYourWay first-hand and get in-depth knowledge about its services. 

How does EHRYourWay Software work? 

Once you install and fully implement the EHRYourWay software, you will be directed to the application’s dashboard. You can easily navigate EHRYourWay software through the following steps:  

  1. View all key features in tabs on the right side of the dashboard. This includes functionalities like appointment scheduling, reports, and billing.   

  2. Click on the appointment scheduling tab to enter all information about your upcoming patient meetings and their information. This includes their time, name, visit type, and other necessary information.  
  3. Click on patients’ names to access their medical history.   

The software has a simple and friendly user interface that is very easy to understand. However, if you want to get more details about the software working, click on the “Watch Demo" button to access EHRYourWay demo. It will give you an insight into how the system works and help you familiarize yourself with the software.   

Who is EHRYourWay Software for? 

EHRYourWay software is specifically designed for behavioral healthcare practices of any size. Following practices can use EHRYourWay platform: 

  • Small clinics 
  • Medium-sized healthcare organizations 
  • Large medical institutions 
  • Nonprofit organizations 
  • Social workers 
  • Pediatricians 

The software is also used for multiple departments such as: 

  • Autistic care 
  • Vocational training 
  • Social work 
  • Inpatient and outpatient mental health 
  • Drug abuse prevention 

EHRYourWay Software Features 

  • New Patient Onboarding 
    EHRYourWay software patient intake model includes a powerful CRM module for onboarding new patients. The application has the ability to manage incoming and outgoing calls. It provides users with all the information about new patients, patient activities, and task delegations as well. Furthermore, the software also provides reminders to the practitioners. 

  • Reporting & Analytics 
    EHRYourWay offers a comprehensive reporting and analytics suite that can help businesses identify important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and capitalize on growth opportunities. This built-in product comes with additional capabilities such as inventory tracking and employee compensation tracking.
    EHRYourWay's reporting and analytics tools make it easier for businesses to quickly optimize their strategies, stay ahead of trends, understand customer preferences and make informed decisions. 

  • Medical Billing 
    From claims creation to automated insurance and CPT code approval, EHRYourWay software ensures billing accuracy and efficiency. Not only that, but EHRYourWay allows patients to easily generate and monitor their ledgers from the comfort of their homes, so your practice can save time managing data and focus on what matters—the patient. Look no further than EHRYourWay for a comprehensive billing solution. 
  • Scheduling Appointments 
    EHRYourWay makes scheduling efficient and stress-free with its sophisticated features. Its system sets up automated recurring, group, and individual appointments, with the ability to view multiple schedules at once. Easily search by location for the perfect fit. EHRYourWay also assigns automated reminders. Moreover, it automates insurance eligibility checks and co-pay notifications so you can stay organized. 

Is EHRYourWay Software right for you?

Firstly, you must identify the precise functionalities your healthcare organization requires. Once you have analyzed your requirements, check whether EHRYourWay offers all these features or not. However, do not jump to a conclusion even if the application does offer all the functionalities. It is better to refer to EHRYourWay reviews to see whether the current software customers are happy with its services.  

Our customer service representatives can also help you pick the right software for your practice. Additionally, you can view a free demo of EHRYourWay via the “Watch Demo” tab. The demo can help you determine whether this software is the right fit for your practice.  

EHRYourWay Software Pricing

EHRYourWay pricing strategies are not very transparent. The company does not provide much information about its pricing plans publicly. However, you can click on the “Get Pricing” option to get personalized EHRYourWay pricing packages. Our sales specialists will provide you with the best pricing plan, customized according to your needs. 

  •             Basic        
  •        Premium  
  •       Platinum
60 / mo./user



EHR Your Way Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Customer Support: The application has active customer support that is competent enough to solve all your software-related queries.
  • Mobility and Accessibility: Healthcare professionals can access patient information and edit records using the application's mobile access from any location with an internet connection.


  • Integration: EHRYourWay provides limited options to integrate with other healthcare applications.

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does EHRYourWay Software cost?

The starting price of the EHRYourWay software is $60 a month per user. The software does not provide any additional details about its pricing plans. However, you can click on the “Get Pricing” button above to get a personalized quotation tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Is EHRYourWay Software cloud-based?

EHRYourWay software is a behavioral health EHR solution which is available on all cloud-based mobile devices.

What are the main features of EHRYourWay Software?

The main features of EHRYourWay software include an activity dashboard, document management, note-taking, billing, reporting and analytics, and patient onboarding.

What level of support does EHRYourWay Software have?

EHRYourWay software provides several support options including chat support, phone support, FAQs/forums, and email/help desks.

Who are the main users of EHRYourWay Software?

The main users of EHRYourWay software include behavioral practice of all sizes, including small to large enterprises, non-profit organizations, social workers, and pediatricians.

EHR Your Way Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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EHR Your Way reviews

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