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Founded back in 2008 EHR Your Way software is a system designed to cater to small and mid-sized medical practices. The software caters to the needs of many specialties especially behavioral practices like autism, abuse, social work, vocational case management, and more. The software provides a complete solution including appointment scheduling, management of claims, plans for assessment and treatment, appointment alerts and also provides medical billing and invoicing services. EHR Your Way software is ONC and DEA certified and it also consists of paper forms that can generate a verbatim copy which helps them stay compliant with the payor, country and state. The software supports voice commands so users could use their voice for commands rather than clicking multiple times.

EHR Your Way software is the only software which will take paper forms and create an exact duplicate copy in the EHR system.

Users can optionally add up to 21 rules on the forms guiding users to comply with workflow regulation or payor guidelines. The different fields are all customizable and could be customized easily even by beginners with a little training on hand. Fields may be reported on in any format so users can flexibly adjust the forms to meet their reporting needs.

EHR Your Way software is extremely easy to use software that can be worked on with a little training of up to 1-3 hours. The software does not majorly disrupt current workflow keeping it simple for users to adapt to it. The software consists of efficient Speech-to-Text features on every field and the users could even command the software using their voice. The software also consists of a practice management system that manages workflow easily increasing the efficiency of practitioners. The software also includes a patient portal that enables smooth communication between clients and physicians. EHR Your Way is a cloud-based system that could easily be accessed through any smart device.

EHR Your Way Pricing: EHR Your Way pricing starts at $40 per month and per user.

Free EHR Your Way Tutorial/Trial: Yes.

Support: EHR Your Way software offers online support during business hours.

USP: The EHR vendor can be deployed both on mobile cloud-based devices and desktop.

Product advantages: According to EHR Your Way reviews the software offers many useful features such as patient portals, appointment alerts, referral tracking, e-signatures for both patients and physicians.

Product limitations: Caters to general practitioners only. The current version of the software does not support data entries in a visual field.

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