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CGM eMDs, formerly e-MDs, is an integrated EHR and practice management solution designed to help practices optimize patient care while improving workflow efficiency and profitability. The digital platform makes it easier for providers to manage their day-to-day administrative, clinical, and financial processes. It combines patient tracking, document management, billing, and workflow management functionalities in a unified portal. Clinicians can leverage its cutting-edge technology to streamline practice workflows, improve the quality of care, and reduce manual data entry errors.

CGM eMDs software offers features, such as electronic prescribing, patient scheduling, clinical charting, population health management, patient engagement, revenue cycle management, treatment planning, claims management, and more. It allows users to choose between cloud-hosted or on-premise deployment options. The app comes with an OB module that offers a comprehensive range of reporting and data collection tools. Healthcare providers can also access a whole library of customizable templates that are suitable for primary care and several other clinical specialties. In addition, this Meaningful Use Stage 1 and Stage 2 certified platform provides mobile solutions to let physicians provide care on the go. 

Key Features

Document Management

CGM eMDs EHR system comes equipped with a powerful document management module that is designed to expedite the clinical and administrative documentation process. It enables users to track and access up-to-date patient information at the point of care.

Billing Tools

CGM eMDs’ comprehensive practice management suite includes billing and accounts receivable management tools that streamline day-to-day billing tasks to save practices time and money. It efficiently automates front and back-office workflows while ensuring quick reimbursements for users.

Quality Reporting

This medical software solution provides a real-time MACRA dashboard to help healthcare facilities track their progress quickly. It lets users drill down completely into individual chart notes, so they can meet the target for their MIPS or APM participation.

CGM eMDs Pricing

CGM eMDs EMR software’s pricing structure is based on the standard subscription-based model. Click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button above to get a customized CGM eMDs quote.

CGM eMDs Demo

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CGM eMDs Reviews

CGM eMDs software system has been well-loved by users. It has received positive reviews, with commentators appreciating the application for its wealth of features, intuitive interface, and mobile-ready platform.
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Our Thoughts

CGM eMDs is an all-inclusive EHR and practice management solution that offers a robust suite of solutions to help practices digitize patient medical records, optimize workflow efficiency, streamline billing processes, and improve patient care – all within an intuitive interface. 

Today's most popular FAQs

Is CGM eMDs and EMR software?

Yes, CGM eMDs Software is one of the market's most mature and reliable EMR and Practice Management solutions.

Is CGM eMDs free software?

No, CGM eMDs Software is not a free software. It offers configurable prices for its customers.

What is the implementation process of CGM eMDs?

To get detailed info regarding the implementation process of CGM eMDs Software implementation process, contact the sales and support team.

Which medical departments use CGM eMDs?

CGM eMDs Software comes with complete clinical content straight out of the box, as well as a collection of templates covering more than 70 specialties.

CGM eMDs Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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CGM eMDs Software reviews

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