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eMedicalPractice is an integrated medical software solution suitable for healthcare practices of all sizes and specialties. The cloud-based platform includes EMR, practice management, and medical billing solutions within a unified portal. It offers end-to-end workflow automation features to help users chart patient visits, schedule appointments, claim insurances, e-prescribe, send referral letters, approve refill requests, and connect with patients in real-time.

The all-in-one application comes with an interactive activity dashboard to let practice staff keep track of daily patient visits, upcoming schedules, and patients’ lab results. Its revenue management module streamlines the day-to-day billing tasks while providing actionable insights into the insurance claims made by patients. Healthcare providers can also use the system to send automated appointment reminders via phone, email, text, or voice mail for reducing no-shows.

Furthermore, it supports patients’ online self-registration, reporting and analytics, secure document sharing, and e-payments. Clinicians can securely prescribe medications directly from patient charts, and prevent medication errors via the patient portal.  

Key Features

Patient Portal

eMedicalPractice software offers a robust patient portal that enables patients to book appointments, view health information, check provider availability, and submit necessary documents prior to their visit. It also allows them to request prescription refills, access lab results, view treatment bills, receive follow-up notifications, and make payments online.


The all-inclusive medical software enables users to digitally prescribe, manage, and track medications. Providers can send multiple prescriptions, including controlled substances, directly to a patient’s preferred pharmacy. It also allows them to check drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions before transferring prescriptions.

Revenue Cycle Management

eMedicalPractice EHR provides end-to-end revenue management solutions that help users manage finances by verifying insurance eligibility at the point of care. It efficiently streamlines day-to-day billing workflows, reducing multiple data entries and ensuring timely reimbursements.  

eMedicalPractice Pricing

eMedicalPractice EMR software is available on a subscription-based pricing model. Further, the eMedicalPractice pricing for the app’s basic subscription plan starts at $199.00 per month. 

Please click the ‘Get Pricing’ button on this page to obtain a custom quote for your medical practice. 

eMedicalPractice Reviews

eMedicalPractice software has been well-liked by users. Many reviewers appreciate the system for its comprehensive suite of workflow automation tools, user-friendly interface, and powerful patient engagement tools. 

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eMedicalPractice Demo

Click on the ‘Watch Demo’ button above to get a visual walkthrough into the app’s key offerings. The comprehensive product demo will let you evaluate its features in real-time and demonstrate how it is the right fit for your healthcare facility.

Our Thoughts

eMedicalPractice is a scalable, all-inclusive medical software solution that allows medical providers to streamline everyday operations, manage patient intake, and focus on delivering the best patient care possible. 

We recommend you opt for the system’s demo version to determine whether the application matches your organization’s specific requirements.

eMedicalPractice Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Does the eMedicalPractice software offer a free trial?

Yes, the software offers a free trial to its users.

What does the eMedicalPractice software do?

The application assists medical practitioners in scheduling appointments, charting patient visits, e-prescribing, refilling, reviewing test results, reviewing documents, and communicating with patients and staff via encrypted messaging.

What is the implementation process of the eMedicalPractice software?

The company initially provides a free trial to allow users to use the software firsthand before making a buying decision. Besides, they provide customer support to the users to help them during every phase and solve their queries. Besides, it also helps them during the installation and training procedures.

Which medical departments prefer eMedicalPractice software?

The software is best for all private practices. Moreover, it is designed specifically to cater to allergies and immunology.

eMedicalPractice Software Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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eMedicalPractice Software reviews

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