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eMedRec, a superior Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software and practice management solution developed by Holt Systems, is designed for medical practices of all sizes. The system can be installed locally or in the cloud. The cloud-based alternative is especially beneficial for practices that have providers in multiple locations. 

While eMedRec serves a wide range of medical specialties, including gastroenterology, physical medicine, internal medicine, rehabilitation, and behavioral health, cardiology professionals make up the bulk of its customers. 

A chart viewer, a messaging software, a note generation module, a health maintenance system, and medical alarms are all available with eMedRec. A form creation tool is also included in the system, which can scan data from a manually filled patient form and convert it to a predetermined format. 

A virtual work basket is also available in eMedRec. This one-of-a-kind application streamlines the practice workflow by sending laboratory results, records requests, dictation, and other items to the appropriate members of the practice staff. The ONC-ATCB has approved eMedRec, and it is also Meaningful Use compliant. 

In addition, this Health IT solution has an internal scriptwriter that is linked to an e-prescribing tool. This keeps track of a patient's medications and provides reliable information on drug interactions. Advanced data entry technologies, such as handwriting recognition, voice recognition, and enterprise level faxing, are included in eMedRec. 

If you're looking for a web-based EHR that includes e-prescriptions, a chart viewer, a note creation module, a messaging application, a health maintenance system, medical alerts, patient appointment scheduling, and health records administration, this could be the system for you. 

EMedRec EMR Software Advantages  

According to the same Gartner analysis, the benefits of EHR software vary substantially depending on who you ask. In other words, the benefits of electronic health records will vary depending on whether you're a solo practitioner, a patient, a hospital, or a huge healthcare institution. 

The following are the many types of benefits that EHR systems provide for independent practices: 

Lower labor costs: Patient data can be reviewed more quickly, Appointment reminders are called or emailed less frequently and using templates to make documentation easier. 

Improved quality of care: Treatment time is reduced, Improved medicine administration and Diagnoses that are more accurate and earlier. 

eMedRec EMR Software Disadvantages 

No software is without flaws. While the downsides of EHR outnumber the advantages, there are one type of negative worth considering: time and money. 

Electronic health records (EHRs) require time to develop: Choosing and implementing an EHR system takes a long time. As you figure out your budget, which features you require, plan product demos, and negotiate with software providers, it becomes evident that this isn't something you can implement in a matter of weeks. 

eMedRec EMR Software Reviews and Demo

Unforlutly, there are no reviews for eMedRec EMR Software, but you could request a demo by clicking the “Watch Demo” button on the top of this page.  

eMedRec EMR Software Pricing  

The vendor does not provide pricing information. By clicking the ‘get pricing' button, you can receive a direct quote. 


eMedRec EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

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