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EncounterWorks is a health IT firm dedicated to improving healthcare technology. Electronic Health Records (EHR), Software, and Practice Management (PM) solutions are fully integrated into their medical software, allowing for faster workflow.  

The EMR and PM Software are not marketed separately but rather as part of a unified system that speeds up reporting and simplifies a single practice's clinical, administrative, and financial processes. There are three price options to select from, each with a different hierarchy of features.  

EncounterWorks EMR makes interoperability a breeze. The labs are entirely integrated, and imported paperwork is recorded in patient files automatically. The e-Prescribe (e-Rx) function, which includes built-in medication interaction checks, connects pharmacies even more. Clinical choices are further aided by the Electronic Medical Records Software, which flags medical problems and prompts actions based on a specific diagnosis.  

EncounterWorks PM software eliminates the need to travel through many menus and pages by presenting all patient management choices on a single page. Providers may use a single PM solution to access patient scheduling, demographics, insurance management, and the Patient Portal.  

ICD-10 codes are pre-programmed into the PM, allowing for faster claim processing and proper invoicing. In addition, to meet the financial demands of the medical practice, the system provides for eligibility checks, automated coding, claim to scrub, and one-touch claim submission.  

Providers can use EncounterWorks EHR's configurable clinical notation. The templates are editable and cover various specialties, from podiatry to chiropractic, making dictation and extensive note-taking unnecessary. In addition, the EHR software contains order sets that it can customize to meet the needs of providers, allowing for faster lab orders and quicker results.  

EncounterWorks' Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system is a cloud-based solution with mobile features, allowing physicians and patients to access information anywhere. It's ideal for small to medium-sized practices.  

EncounterWorks EHR Reviews   

According to FindEMR, these are the top reviews for EncounterWorks EHR software.  

William, Castle Rock Family

Pros: To discover the most exact diagnosis to utilize on claims, I've had to consult the ICD-10 codebook.  

Cons: We've been having some difficulties with Encounter Works EMR Software, so we've begun formal training with her once a week for an hour.  

Conclusion: I couldn't have asked for a better EMR to deal with, so kudos to him.  

Bobby, San Mateo Podiatry Group

Pros: I'm glad the template was already there! But I still felt like I was chiseling away at the stone with a chisel.  

Cons: Although having signed a contract, we may cancel the deal at any time, and he would waive the setup expenses.  

Conclusion: We watched the films she assigned us all the time, but it wasn't until we got inside the system that we realized what was going on.  

EncounterWorks EHR Pricing   

The software is priced per user and starts at $150.00 per month.  

EncounterWorks EHR Demo  

If you request a demo of EncounterWorks EHR software, you click the "Watch Demo" button at the top of the page.  

EncounterWorks EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

EncounterWorks EHR Software reviews

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