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athenahealth EHR Software

athenahealth electronic medical record software is a leading vendor of on-premise and cloud-based health IT solutions for health systems and medical groups nationwide. The platform believes in creatin.. Read more

106 Reviews

eClinicalWorks EMR Software

eClinicalWorks emr software is an award-winning integrated electronic health record and practice management (PM) solution that provides technology throughout the process of patient care delivery. With.. Read more

98 Reviews

Amazing Charts EHR Software

Founded in 2001, Amazing Charts is a leading provider of electronic health record solutions that cater to the needs of independent practices. It offers solutions for practices across multiple specialt.. Read more

55 Reviews

Aprima EHR Software

Aprima EHR offers electronic health records, practice management, and revenue cycle management services supported by good customer support. It is suitable for more than 70 specialties. The software ca.. Read more

20 Reviews

Liquid EHR Software

LiquidEHR provides a server and cloud-based solution for optometrists. The solution comprises of various tools and features that are needed by any optometrist office such as scheduler, medical record .. Read more

14 Reviews

GE Healthcare EHR Software

GE Healthcare offers Electronic Health Record solutions that can be customized according to the practices' requirements. It is suitable for all sizes of practices. Their healthcare solutions consist o.. Read more

12 Reviews

Centricity EHR

Centricity EHR is the most in-demand product of GE healthcare EHR, which is suitable for larger practices. This stand-alone ambulatory system can be integrated with any revenue cycle management and pr.. Read more

12 Reviews

WebPT EMR & Billing Software

WebPT is an intuitive software used by 15,500 clinics and 83,030 users. It is suitable for all sizes of practice. They started as a software just for sports medicine, but now they are serving various .. Read more

11 Reviews

Netsmart EHR Software

Netsmart offers a lot of solutions and services related to healthcare. Their Electronic Health Record is a SaaS product. It is suitable for all sizes of practices, and it caters to many specialties li.. Read more

11 Reviews

Meditab EMR Software

Meditab offers an all in one Electronic Health Record, Practice Management, and Billing software. The software is fully customizable, and they provide tailor-fit solutions for more than 40 specialties.. Read more

11 Reviews

Henry Schein MicroMD EHR Software

For over 35 years, Henry Schein MicroMD has been providing a comprehensive set of tools for healthcare providers. The company serves to around 2,700 medical practices representing over 14,000 physicia.. Read more

6 Reviews


CPSI EHR is an integrated suite of products, including electronic health records (EHR), radiology information systems, accounting and billing, and a picture archiving system designed to meet the needs.. Read more

6 Reviews

VistA EHR Software

The Veterans Information Systems and Technology Architecture EHR, commonly known as VistA EHR is a software which in the US Department of Veterans Affairs, handles a wide network of more than 8 millio.. Read more

1 Reviews


UnifiMD is an electronic health records (EHR) software that has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of a number of medical practices and specialties. UnifiMD EHR system caters to medical .. Read more

1 Reviews

SynaMed EHR Software

SynaMed is electronic health software that provides software solutions to all medical specialties. The software enables users to carry out daily office work easily and efficiently. SynaMed EMR softwar.. Read more

1 Reviews


SRSPro is electronic health records (EHR) software that has been specially designed to cater to a number of specialties in the medical industry like dermatology, orthopedics, ENT, ophthalmology, and m.. Read more

1 Reviews

Solutionreach EHR Software

Solutionreach EMR software is a cloud-based software that has been designed to cater to the needs of healthcare facilities, it assists specialties and practices of all sizes. Solutionreach dental soft.. Read more

0 Reviews

Solismed Clinic Management System

Solismed Clinic Management Software is a free software designed to cater to the needs of small, independent, and free clinics for their management. It helps clinicians manage daily tasks using useful .. Read more

0 Reviews

PracticeSuite EHR Software

PracticeSuite is an all-in-one practice management, patient management, and electron health records web-based solution which is suitable for all types and sizes of medical practices and medical billin.. Read more

0 Reviews

ChartsPro EHR Software

ChartsPro EHR software is a cloud-based electronic health records system that is an ONC-certified software. ChartsPro EHR system helps users to automate daily workflows and carry out clinical activiti.. Read more

0 Reviews

Buyers Guide

What You Need To Know About EMR Software
Specialty Specific EMR Software – Enterprise Medical Software
Types of Enterprise Medical Software
How to Choose Enterprise Medical Software?
EMR Software Benefits

What You Need To Know About EMR Software


Electronic Medical Records Software commonly known as EMR software is a software that has been designed to cater to the healthcare industry. EMR software is the modern way of record-keeping in a clinical setting. The software helps you store medical records online and eliminates the use of extensive labor and paperwork. The software could store a plethora of information regarding multiple patients. The information could include patients’ medical history, demographics, lab reports, and much more.

EMR systems come with different functions and scope. Some may cater to small practices and others might be suitable for large practices. Some might cater to a specific specialty and others might cater to a number of specialties. So determining what you need is the first thing to keep in mind buying a suitable EMR and that is exactly what we help you with finding the right EMR software for your practice.

Specialty Specific EMR Software – Enterprise Medical Software

Healthcare practices of all sizes such as clinics, hospitals, individual practices etc. All need a specific Electronic Medical Records Software to deal with daily operations. EMR software helps practices to work to their full potential enabling practitioners to provide the best quality of healthcare to patients. Enterprise Medical Software is used by large organizations may it be hospitals, rehab centers, and large specialty practices.

Types of Enterprise Medical Software

There are two types of Enterprise Medical Software:

Administrative Enterprise Medical Software

Just like Practice management and EMR software Administrative Enterprise software deals with the daily office functions of the practice and is used to streamline the workflow of organizations. The software should include:

Provider Scheduling – The software should include a provider schedule which basically helps in making schedules for professionals working in large organizations. Shift rotation is made clear and easy.

Patient Registration – Patients' medical history should be verified and the software should grant the ability for patients to register online.

Patient Scheduling – Patient scheduling is integral to any healthcare practice as it allows users to easily schedule patients. The software easily enables users to schedule appointments, reduce no-shows, and increase revenue.

Inventory Management – Inventory management in large organizations is a very difficult task. Users should be able to manage inventory using the software, the order, re-order time, and date could easily be fixed

Human Resources – Human Resource department also helps in practitioner in and outs, track progress, and manage attendance.

Claims/Billing – Claims should be able to be submitted online and billing is made easy due to the use of specialty-specific codes.

Clinical Enterprise Medical Software

The Clinical Enterprise Medical Software deals with the clinical and healthcare side of the practice.

Physician Notes/Orders – electronic input, editing, communication, and storage of progress, and should be carried out by the software. The software should also provide a variety of ways in which users could enter data.

Nursing Assessments – The software must support the electronic input, editing, and verification of nurse notes and orders.

e-prescribing – Software should provide users with the ability to share electronic prescriptions with their patients. This greatly helps in saving a lot of time by providing better communication.

Lab integration – Large organizations deal with large volumes of data and carry out a number of tests and results every day. The software should be integrated with