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eTherapyDocs focuses on pediatrics' physical, occupational, and speech therapy practices. Every aspect of the user interface was designed to assist practices seeking to boost their efficiency without the high cost of mass-market practice management systems. eTherapyDocs is unique in that aspect; it was created exclusively for pediatric practices by technologists dedicated to providing excellent customer service for that specific specialty. 

The software also offers a few other features, apart from its EHR: billing, treatment notes, patient documentation, and a calendar. The treatment notes feature enables the user to provide real-time access to patients, mostly regarding their medical information, while also sharing them with third-party payers and relatives. By automating certain activities, such as creating documents, the patient documentation feature enables the user to upload and track patient records, session-related details, and medication expiration dates. 

The eTherapyDocs' solutions work with both Mac and Windows operating systems. eTherapyDocs also provides excellent customer support services via phone call, email, and online web chat. 

Key Features 

Electronic Note Entry 

eTherapyDocs makes it simple to document treatments. Their interface supports a detailed treatment narrative, voice dictation, and patient goals that can be readily accessed, updated, and included in your treatment notes. eTherapyDocs's interface also provides all of the word processing features that your business requires, such as bold, underline, copy and paste, spell check, and other formatting commonly found in word processing systems. 

Medical Billing 

Your treatment notes, inserting patient payments, generating superbills or patient invoices, and generating EDI files for clearinghouses can be done in a matter of seconds with eTherapyDocs' billing module. Alternatively, you can create your 837P and upload it to your preferred online system. eTherapyDocs Billing was designed to provide you with ease of use and multiple options. 

Meaningful Alerts 

Check that all treatment notes have been completed and signed. When a therapist logs into eTherapyDocs, the login dashboard alerts the user of circumstances where treatment notes have not been completed. Also, there are the notes with awaiting co-signatures and expired patient records that require attention. Administrators receive the same warnings as all therapists and patients in the practice. 

eTherapyDocs Demo 

Click the "Watch Demo" button above to access the software’s demo, which will help you finalize your decision about eTherapyDocs' EHR platform and its other features. eTherapyDocs does offer a free trial for its software as well. 

eTherapyDocs Pricing

eTherapyDocs's pricing is not publicly available on their official website. However, you can click the "Get Pricing" button above to get a customized pricing plan for eTherapyDocs and its platforms from our customer support representatives. 

eTherapyDocs Reviews 

eTherapy is very well reviewed on the internet, with the majority of the reviewers advocating the software to a great extent and recommending its usage. eTherapyDocs is rated very highly on many software review websites' standard rating scales. 

Our Thoughts 

The software is currently serving many pediatric practices all over the nation, and it is proving to be a very rugged and dependable EHR platform. eTherapyDocs provides a complete spectrum of tools and solutions that pediatric-specific practices need. The software provides freedom to its users; they can completely direct their focus on the patient’s health care without worrying about the documentation aspect of their responsibilities. eTherapyDocs is a great piece of EHR software to have in a medical facility’s arsenal, and opting for it will only increase their productivity and profitability. 

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Employee Management


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Telemedicine Software


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Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Does eTherapyDocs offer a free trial?

Yes, the software does include a free trial.

How does eTherapyDocs software operate?

Specifically created for pediatric practices, eTherapyDocs automates practices to increase efficiency without complicated and expensive practice management systems.

What is the implementation process of the eTherapyDocs software?

The software follows a subscription model, where licenses are priced either per therapist or per patient. Interested users can contact the support team for guidance on how to proceed with implementing the system for their medical practice.

Which medical department is ideal for eTherapyDocs software?

The eTherapyDocs software application is ideal for medical facilities that provide pediatric physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

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