eTHOMAS Practice Management Software

eTHOMAS is a Web-based practice management and medical billing system suited for all sizes and specializations of healthcare companies. General medical, podiatry and chiropractic offices benefit the most from the system, tailored to their specific needs.  

With the aid of valuable and user-friendly modules like billing, accounting, and reporting, eTHOMAS assists medical offices in managing workflow and cash flow. e-Statements, e-Prescribing, Automated Appointment Reminder Calls, hundreds of built-in financial, system, and customized reports with the connection into Microsoft® Excel or Word are just a few of the system's key features. In addition, on-screen assistance, a customized appointment planner, appointment tracking, complete security and activity tracking for HIPAA compliance, and flexible scalability are all included.  

The technology also allows practices to locate unapplied funds, apply them all from a single screen, and provide validation signals to aid doctors inefficiently and adequately entering data. The system also allows physicians to build-up discount and adjustment fields, make changes and provide discounts when posting, create customized route/encounter slips, and minimize missing costs.  

The system is HIPAA-compliant, and the firm behind it also allows clients to integrate eTHOMAS with ehrTHOMAS, an ONC-ATCB certified electronic health records (EHR) software solution. This might be the solution you need if you're a small to mid-sized practice seeking a reliable medical billing, accounting, and reporting system.  

eTHOMAS allows for the development of custom recall dates and codes and the use of standard codes. For DME claims, clinicians can enable the recurring rental function and connect multimedia to patient files (including patient pictures & insurance cards). Employees at the practice may also customize their experience by choosing color schemes that suit their moods.  

Benefits of eTHOMAS Practice Management Software: For Windows, eTHOMAS provides end-to-end solutions. The solution may be integrated with a variety of EHR systems, making clinical activities easier to do. This product's advantages include ease of producing digital patient files, a user-friendly interface, excellent customer service, and faster billing procedures.  

Limitations of eTHOMAS Practice Management Software: The system frequently freezes and can potentially force itself to close. Their billing system is ineffective.  

eTHOMAS Practice Management Software Demo: If you request a demo of eTHOMAS Practice Management Software, please click the "Watch Demo" on the top of the page.  

eTHOMAS Practice Management Software Pricing: The eTHOMAS software pricing plan starts at $3000.00 for a one-time purchase. After that, users can contact the seller for further information and get a price.  

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