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Experity is a trustworthy market EMR/EHR solution that has been serving medical practices in the US and elsewhere for a number of years. It caters to a diverse range of medical specialties. The platform offers an integrated suite of EMR, medical billing, and practice management services under one roof. It simplifies administrative work obligations of medical practices so staff can easily handle their routine flow. It even enables clinicians to send out e-prescriptions, code visits, and process patient statements, along with offering an automated scheduling service. Additionally, it allows for instant messaging and seamless documentation handling. 

And there’s still more to it.  

This industry-grade interface features innovative charting services. Further, it digitizes the patient cycle from patient registrations to checkouts. Another enticing fact: Experity EMR offers site-based and remote deployment options.  

From the larger field vantage, the software is generally considered a robust medical billing solution for urgent care practices, owing to its impressive range of financial tool integrations. It allows for multi-user documentation and enables subscribers to handle their revenue streams with both transparency and minute control. 

Built-in payer forms also figure into the Experity framework. The insurance verification feature, further, is a real-world timesaver for medical administrators. It even looks after the day-to-day urgent care operations empowering physicians with effective tools to manage patient visits, lab orders, and much more. Above all, it looks after the customized preferences of regent care practitioners.  

In addition to its billing services integration, there’s one more thing the program excels at: providing instant access to multiple patient charts in one go. Another valuable feature of Experity EMR, as per its garnered reviews, is its data auto-populating feature and single-click patient discharge form creation service.  

Overall, Experity makes for a flexible, user-friendly, and cost-effective EMR utility. Also, it works well in remote settings. On a conspicuous note, its operational sync with DocuTap and Practice Velocity has enhanced its scalability manifolds; something that subscribers have been quick to notice. 

Experity EMR Pricing 

An Experity EMR costs around $500 per month for small and midsized practices. A subscription-based pricing package is offered by Experity EMR, which can be obtained by contacting their sales team (directly or easily via this page). 

Free Experity EMR Trial Offer? Available! 

Experity EMR Reviews 

Reviews of Experity EMR portray it as a vendor of great significance backed by a high client satisfaction rate.  Overall, these accounts of in-person use are generally positive, with the program enjoying a high user-approval rating of 82%. 

Experity EMR Advantages  

As per subscriber testimonials, Experity EMR allows for third-party integration and automation facilities that work in sync with various, cutting-edge, analytics functionalities to guide medical professionals. 

Experity Limitations 

Some subscribers have notified a little bit of their exasperation against the interface’s payments module – deeming it slow and outdated. Another issue with an Experity subscription is that it’s customer support comes only limited to business hours.  

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Today's most popular FAQs

Is Experity EHR software available as a free version?

A free version of the software is not available. But it does offer a free trial for its users.

Is the Experity EHR software simple to set up?

Experity software is very easy to use and fairly intuitive. Users have praised its user-friendliness a lot.

What languages does Experity EHR support?

Experity EHR supports the English language.

Which platforms does Experity EHR software support?

The platform has everything you need for EMR, medical billing, and practice management all in one place. 

Who are the main users of Experity EHR software?

The tool is built mainly for urgent care. It is used mainly by healthcare physicians for everyday operations. Mid-sized to large-sized businesses are the core users.

Experity EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


Jennifer H.

Hospital and Health Care

51-200 employees

January 2023

Integrates with your practice really well.

Experity seamlessly integrates with your workflow and never makes you feel like you’re interacting with something extra. In my line of work, we have to deal with a lot of patients and complete data entry while we're dealing with them. This is the exact reason Experity has worked so well for me since it keeps in mind the speed with which us doctors have to work and smooths out the check-in and treatment procedures. It requires us to enter the bare minimum and take care of the rest. It is the most suitable EMR for our needs.

We provide multidisciplinary healthcare services at different locations and actually allow our patients to visit any branch they'd like. The problem with this is that the invoices Experity prints are based on a per-location basis instead of being focused on the patients, and it prints out a different invoice for every location. This basically means a single patient can receive an invoice of more than a dozen pages, which is highly inconvenient for both us and the patients. We have faced a lot of unpaid invoices due to this reason over the years.

Gail H.

Hospital and Health Care

201-500 employees

December 2022

Increases efficiency and streamlines all of your work!

I have been using it since it was called something else. I have seen it grow and prosper in front of me and would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat! It has a very smart solution for basic programming problems, so you can easily customize it to meet the needs of your organization. We are much more efficient at filing claims, which used to be plagued with mistakes in the past (mostly due to human error). Experity highlights anything out of the ordinary, allowing you to review and correct as needed. The support team is responsive and has a short window in which they can fix your problems. They are always open to suggestions, which is rare.

However, the support system itself is a bit flawed. They have a level-based system in which your complaint gets upgraded or downgraded based on the severity and priority they assign. It can sometimes get totally lost, and I have to submit a query all over again. The software is good with payments, but there is no uniformity in that either.

Brad B.

Hospital and Health Care

11-50 employees

November 2022

Cost-effective, intuitive, and delivers what it promises!

I have literally timed our doctors getting their initial training, and it was never more than an hour for each and every one of them! It is so easy to learn and master Experity that we did not have to approach the customer team after a while since our senior doctors had enough knowledge to train users (interns and trainees) while they worked their own shifts. The hospital equipment we use all connects with the software really well, and it is very affordable. We bought the entire package at the same time, and I think it’s a very good deal overall.

The reports are barebones at best. They lack the polish and level of detail that other software like MediLink offers. It is kind of justified since it is a whole lot cheaper than the competition. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t improve itself. The reporting module is made to cater to small organizations and doesn't cover a lot of sites (if you have more than one). We currently operate at a small capacity, so it is working fine, but that would quickly become a problem if we decided to expand.

Brad B.

Hospital and Health Care

11-50 employees

October 2022

It is neatly presented and comes with helpful features.

Experity takes pride in how well laid out it is. And I know this because their support rep made sure I saw how neat and presentable it is. The way it is designed makes moving through the tabs as smooth as possible. I have reduced the number of mistakes in my bills and reports and have been able to give more of my time and care to the patients. It is easy to get a hold of all the features and learn them as soon as possible.

It has always been susceptible to random crashes, not just when the workload is heavy. It annoys me the most since a lot of phone calls are missed due to these crashes and my workflow is interrupted. The reporting module can be improved a bit since saving and sharing reports is not fluid and the functions it offers are quite limited for a mid-sized organization. Maybe if we were a smaller medical practice, it would've been fine. I will still continue to use this software for both patient management and billing, but I would really love to see improvements.

Gail H.

Hospital and Health care

10-50 employees

September 2022


This software is unmatched when it comes to practice management and medical billing. Experity makes handling several office tasks at the same time simple.

Using the application, we’re able to easily queue and schedule customers, transmit electronic prescriptions, process payments, use automatic coding, integrate labs, and send SMS messages. Charting is another valuable feature, which automates office processes from client registration through discharge. The software can be used both locally and remotely with a mobile device.

What’s more, the vendor offers rigorous online training for new subscribers, and contacting customer service for assistance is simple.

If you’re clinic management concerns are currently giving you a headache, this is the software for you!

The posting options might use some fixing and modifying. It can be a bit confusing to make sense of how the software handles payments from different parties such as patients, insurance, and occupational doctors. Your requests may occasionally get lost in the shuffle when they are routed to the next level of help after leaving the basic support section.

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