Eye Cloud Pro Software

What is Eye Cloud Pro Software? 


Eye Cloud Pro EMR is a premier cloud-based software designed for optical professionals, providing practices with built-in features for managing patient data and services. Eye Cloud offers e-prescribing, integrated credit card processing, two-way texting (SMS), and ECP billing to streamline operations and improve customer engagement. 

With secure storage and data analytics capabilities, Eye Cloud Pro EMR empowers optical professionals to manage their practice more efficiently. 

What is Eye Cloud Pro software best for? 

Eye Cloud Pro is popularly known for its inventory management functionality. It is highly beneficial for optical stores in terms of organizing and tracking the age of every frame in their inventory. 

Moreover, the platform offers a unique tagging system that can identify expired frames and help practitioners stay informed about their stock, enabling efficient reordering processes. 

Eye Cloud Pro Pricing 

Eye Cloud Pro offers two pricing plans: Dr Desk and Eye Cloud Pro. Both plans have additional installation costs, which depend on the number of locations in the organization. 

The price of the Dr Desk plan is $140/month for 1 location, with implementation costs of $13000 for one location and $1000 for multiple locations. Meanwhile, the pricing quotation for Q Eye Cloud Pro is $270/month, with installation costs of $2600 for one location and $1000 for multiple locations. 

Additionally, the platform also offers add-ons with significant hidden expenses. These add-ons include several features, such as e-prescribing, integration, two-way SMS messaging, and system-generated outgoing SMS messages. 

Eye Cloud Pro software Integrations 

Eye Cloud Pro features an easy-to-use workflow that seamlessly integrates patient demographics, billing, doctor visits, insurance submissions, and detailed reporting.  

Moreover, this premier cloud-based software integrates with third-party applications to simplify payment processing. The following are the third-party applications that Eye Cloud Pro integrates with: 

  • Vision Web 
  • Frames Data 
  • Optify 
  • Fullsteam 

Additionally, Eye Cloud Pro also integrates with devices and the following equipment providers: 

  • Automated Phoropters and Associated Diagnostic Devices 
  • OOGP 
  • ABB 

How does the Eye Cloud Pro Software work? 

Follow these steps to get started with Eye Cloud Pro after installation: 

  • Sign into the software with the credentials provided by the system administrator. 
  • Once logged in, browse through the dashboard to see an overview of the system's status. 
  • Configure the software settings based on your preferences and requirements. 
  • Add users, cameras, and other hardware devices to the system as needed. 
  • Create and customize alerts and notifications to receive real-time updates on system events. 
  • Review and analyze recorded video footage using the playback feature. 
  • Generate reports and analytics to gain insights into system performance and user behavior. 
  • Regularly update the software to ensure it is running smoothly and securely. 

Click on the "Watch Demo" option to get a first-hand experience with the platform. 

Who is Eye Cloud Pro Software for? 

Eye Cloud Pro Software is designed for the following healthcare specialists and practices: 

  • Optometrists and practice owners 
  • Ophthalmology practices 
  • Opticians and optical retail shops 
  • Optometry practices 
  • Eyecare practices 

Eye Cloud Pro Software features 

  • Integrated Payments 
    Eye Cloud Pro's integrated payments feature provides a more sustainable approach to medical billing. It allows eyecare practices to send payment links directly from the software, streamlining payment processing and eliminating manual errors. 
    Furthermore, it also provides detailed transaction reports for easy tracking and management on the Daily Close page, enabling users to void or refund transactions with ease. This comprehensive solution is designed to offer convenience and cost savings for Eye Cloud Pro users and their patients alike. 
  • Medical Billing 
    Eye Cloud Pro software offers a comprehensive medical billing solution that utilizes sophisticated algorithms to help healthcare providers streamline their billing practices and take a more sustainable approach. It is powered by CS EYE, ensuring an audit-protected system in compliance with HIPAA, ACA, and OIG standards. 
    With Eye Cloud Pro's medical billing feature, healthcare providers can get accurate current procedural terminology (CPT) usage reports and monitor patient profiles for undesired activity. This helps them to save time, optimize resources, and increase overall revenue potential. 
  • Appointment Scheduling 
    Eye Cloud Pro is an easy-to-use cloud based EMR solution specifically designed for eyecare practices. It includes a comprehensive in-office messaging system that makes managing optical retail tasks, such as appointment and order notifications, recall messages, and even sending receipts and prescriptions, simple. Eye Cloud Pro effortlessly allows you to send text, email, and phone messages to your patients so that you can quickly communicate with them. 
  • E-Prescribing 
    Eye Cloud Pro's e-prescribing enables optometrists to create and send electronic prescriptions for medications directly from their Eye Cloud Pro software with added accuracy and speed. Eye This feature enables eyecare practices to improve the quality and accuracy of patient care while ensuring compliance with drug regulations. 
  • Inventory Management 
    Eye Cloud Pro’s inventory management feature helps optical stores stay organized and accurately track the age of every frame in their inventory. Eye Cloud Pro offers real-time reporting and analytics capabilities for large multi-location businesses with multiple stores, giving store managers access to up-to-date inventory information.  

Additionally, Eye Cloud Pro also offers a unique tagging system to identify expired frames and ensure practitioners are aware of their stock at all times, allowing for efficient reordering processes. 

Is Eye Cloud Pro Software Right for You? 

Whether you are implementing an EMR system for the first time or switching ones, finding the right system is not an easy task. Ultimately, whether Eye Cloud Pro is the right system for you depends on your organizational requirements. 

Eye Cloud Pro is fully compliant with HIPAA, ACA, and OIG security standards. It is committed to providing a secure platform for managing patient data. The software ensures the safety and privacy of all records. Eye Cloud Pro EMR is the perfect choice for healthcare providers looking for a reliable, secure, and compliant software solution. 

Furthermore, Eye Cloud Pro reviews are highly positive, with an excellent user satisfaction rating. The reviews highlight the software's extensive functionality and ease of use as its main selling points. 

Click on the "Watch Demo" option to get access to the Eye Cloud Pro demo to get a detailed insight into the software and make an informed decision. Besides, you can also contact our experts to find out if Eye Cloud Pro is the best option for your eyecare practice. 

Eye Cloud Pro Pricing 

Pricing may differ depending on your organization's type and needs. Please click on the "Get Pricing" button below to get a customized pricing guide. 

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Telemedicine Software


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Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Eye Cloud Pro software cost?

Eye Cloud Pro software offers two pricing strategies. The cost of the Dr Desk plan is $140 with additional implementation charges. Meanwhile, the price of the Eye Cloud Pro package is $270/month with extra implementation charges. Click on the ‘Get Pricing’ option to get a detailed pricing plan.

Is Eye Cloud Pro Software cloud-based?

Yes, Eye Cloud Pro is cloud-based EMR software.

What are the main features of Eye Cloud Pro Software?

The main features of Eye Cloud Pro software include e-prescribing, integrated credit card processing, automated appointments and reminders, and two-way texting (SMS).

What level of support does Eye Cloud Pro Software have?

Eye Cloud Pro software provides several support options, such as email, a help desk, FAQs, a forum, a knowledge base, and phone support.

Who are the main users of Eye Cloud Pro software?

The main users of Eye Cloud Pro software include optometrists and practice owners, ophthalmology practices, optical retail shops, optometry practices, and eyecare practices.

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