Eyefinity EHR Software

Eyefinity Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) software are mainly built for ophthalmology and optometry practices. It is available on both on-cloud and server-based solutions, and practitioners can select between the two according to their needs.   

The Eyefinity Practice Management system (OfficeMate PM solution) simplifies and automates the complexities of day-to-day operations while also modifying practices to meet the practitioner's needs. It facilitates the recording of all administrative and financial activities, allowing practices to function more effectively. Tasks such as scheduling, billing, and reporting have been streamlined to optimize to increase the staff member's productivity.  

Eyefinity EHR/EMR software is entirely compatible with Eyefinity Practice Management Software (OfficeMate) and other diagnostic equipment systems, including EyeScape Digital Imaging Systems, Optos, and Zeiss FORUM. In addition, it removes redundancies while also updating a patient's record.  

The Eyefinity software bundle also includes Eyefinity Patient Portal Software. It enables patients to communicate with their healthcare providers in a secure manner. Patients may safely view their medical records from anywhere and at any time, in addition to communicating. They will also receive automatic reminders of their future appointment and will be able to request the appointment and medication refills.  

The ONC-ATCB certified Eyefinity Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software is fully qualified to incorporate the meaningful use of certified EHR technology in stage 1 and stage 2 practices. The EMR is also compliant with ICD-10 and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which is required to protect patient health information (PHI).  

Eyefinity EHR software is the only EHR iPad app in the optometric business. It assures that the iPad's built-in functions, such as the camera and Siri, are fully functional.  

Eyefinity EHR Demo: If you request a demo of Eyefinity EHR software, please click the "Watch Demo" button at the top of the page.  

Eyefinity EHR Pricing: Customers can choose from a few different flexible options offered by the EHR software. However, their license costs $100 per provider as a starting point.

Today's most popular FAQs

Can Eyefinity telemedicine solution be integrated with any EHR system?

No, it can only be integrated with Eyefinity EHR for ease of use and efficiency.

Is Eyefinity EHR certified?

Yes, it is 2015 CEHRT.

Which practice size does Eyefinity EHR suit well?

Eyefinity EHR suits well for small, medium, or large sized practices.

Eyefinity EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

7 Reviews



Eyecare Plus

11-50 employees

December 2019


It is cloud-based which is super awesome. It is user-friendly and navigating through is easy. I love the app.

It is not as adaptable particularly in the letters.


Professional Vision of Ellicott City

11-50 employees

November 2019

Always improving

Electronic prescriptions and referral letters are super easy, and they save a lot of time. They are always improving the product based on user feedback which is something that I really like about it. They keep on adding new features to the system on a regular basis which makes workflow smooth and efficient.

I would’ve liked it more if there was only one program that did all the work.



10,000+ employees

October 2019


It is easy to learn and train new employees. It is quick and easy to use.

Loading pages take more than 20 seconds each time, so when we click save to go to the next page the same thing happens and it is very frustrating for us.


Morgantown Eye Associates

2-10 employees

April 2019

Great system

Communication is great with the help of this software. It is easy and much more effective as it helps forward notes and referrals to other offices. It is much better than faxing paperwork. Great tool.

The adding modifier to contact lens fitting codes is a very long process, takes a lot of time. And during pt exams, error messages keep popping on the screen.


Eye Care

2-10 employees

December 2018

Great Platform

Great platform to use very user friendly, Data entry is a piece of cake using this Platform.

The app slows down rarely but fixed instantly too.


Hunter Vision

11-50 employees

October 2018

Good Software

This EHR has a ton of incredible features and the client assistance and backing are extraordinary. Certainly, the preferred interface over our old EHR framework and notes are sorted out such that it is anything but difficult to audit.

Learning the tool and navigating through is difficult in the beginning when you’re new to using this tool. After using it a couple of times it gets better.


Eye Care warren

2-10 employees

August 2018

Great customer support

This system has many great features. The support team is amazing, they always respond quickly whenever an issue arises. We can contact support through multiple channels including Facebook.

It is difficult to explore. It nearly feels that the product is still being developed. Somethings work extraordinary and others not really. There are numerous steps and clicks to get what exactly should be easy to do.

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