EyePegasus EHR Software

EyePegasus is a cloud-based all-in-one EHR software that streamlines and improves practice management. It is specifically designed for optometry departments of healthcare. It can be used for small clinics of solo practitioners to large hospitals. You can use eye care improvement modules for better CRM and feedback management. It offers automatic electronic claims submission and renewal. The software also provides two-way communication features for video calling, conference calls, appointments, messages, and sharing options. Moreover, you can scan documents and send them directly to labs. 

This SaaS software is compatible with all iOS and web-based devices. EyePegasus provides inventory management tools to handle frames, lenses, solutions, protection kits, and other optometry items. It has an integrated documentation-driven E/M coder  and offers ICD-10 exam auto-coding tools. 

Key Features 

Complete Plan Templates 

It tracks patients from the start of their admission to the end. It has common regimen treatment templates that ease workflow customization. You can also use drawing tools to auto-generate images. It provides easy plan search and editing for each patient. Advanced scanning features upload documents automatically to EHR forms. Overall, it improves patient follow-up rates and improves clinic turnover time.  

Patient Scheduling and Appointments 

Patients can auto-schedule appointments according to their ease, which also sync with the doctor's schedule. It has an integrated Calendar that sends reminders, updates, and notifications to patients, doctors, labs, and stakeholders. It also offers recall tracking and patient record management to all specialists.  

Patient Self-Service Platform 

You can streamline communication through multiple self-service modules. It provides easy patient check-ins and follow-up management. The software provides Insurance Management for all clients to regulate payments and e-prescriptions. EyePegasus login allows you to directly reach the patient care homepage, where you can personalize your client’s profile easily. 

EyePegasus EHR Software Pricing 

The EyePegasus cost plan is currently unavailable publicly. However, you can get a custom quote of each feature and model by clicking on the “Get Pricing” button above.  

EyePegasus EHR Software Demo 

EyePegasus does not offer any free trial of the paid version. You can get training through Email/Help Desk, FAQs/forums, Phone Support, and Live Chat. For a free live EyePegasus demo, click on the” Watch Demo” button above.  

EyePegasus EHR Software Reviews 

Many users have rated this EHR with more than 4 stars. It has been rated as one of the leading software in the industry. The medical solution provides an easy-to-use interface for both patients and doctors. You can view more customer feedback insights and read EyePegasus reviews by going through the Reviews Section.  

Our Thoughts 

EyePegasus EHR is a web-based, one-to-one customized optometry solution software. You can audit and submit medical claims through complete claims-management feature. It also manages medical exam reimbursements and helps auto-upload files. Overall, it is a comprehensive platform that also offers vLenses integration for ophthalmic lenses online. 

Today's most popular FAQs

Does EyePegasus EHR offer an API?

Yes, the software does include API capability.

What level of support does EyePegasus EHR provide?

The software only includes email customer support currently.

What payment methods does EyePegasus EHR support?

EyePegasus pricing plans are based on monthly subscriptions, and it offers several plans for different-sized practices. Click on the "Get Pricing" button above to get a custom quote for your practice's requirements.

Which languages are supported by EyePegasus EHR?

EyePegasus EHR currently supports the English language.

Who are the typical users of EyePegasus EHR?

The typical users of EyePegasus EHR software include medical professionals or organizations that specialize in eye care.

EyePegasus EHR Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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EyePegasus EHR Software reviews

There are no reviews for this product.

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