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EZBIS EHR is a comprehensive software solution for chiropractic practice management. The software is customizable to fit the specific needs of each practice and includes features such as electronic billing, scheduling, patient records, reporting, and inventory management. The software also offers integrated electronic medical health records, which allow patients to track their progress and ensure that all of their information is up-to-date. 

The extensive reporting tools provided by EZBIS Software enable chiropractors to easily track and analyze patient treatment, financial data, and overall office performance. The software handles insurance and patient billing automatically, making it simple to get paid on time. Finally, the patient scheduling module ensures that everyone receives the care that they require. The EZ BIS office simplifies running a successful chiropractic practice by combining all of these features into a single, user-friendly medical solution. 

Key Features 

Patient Management 

EZBIS EMR includes a patient management feature that enables chiropractors to easily track and manage patient information. This section includes tools to assist chiropractors in keeping track of patient appointments, contact information, treatment plans, and billing information. Also, the Patient Management feature makes it easy to set up appointments and remind patients about them. 

Billing and Invoicing 

Chiropractors can easily track insurance claims and generate patient invoices with the Billing and Invoicing feature. This feature also lets chiropractors and their staff submit insurance claims automatically, which cuts down on paperwork and hassle. 

SOAP Notes 

SOAP notes, which are a valuable tool for documenting patient progress and treatment plans, are available in EZBIS chiropractic practice software. By documenting all aspects of a patient's visits, SOAP notes assist chiropractors in providing quality care. SOAP notes are an abbreviation for subjective, objective, assessment, and planning. The patient's symptoms and complaints are included in the subjective portion. The chiropractor's observations are documented in the objective section. The assessment is the diagnosis or proposed treatment plan, and the plan is the next step. 

Outcome Assessment Tools 

Chiropractors can use software outcome assessment tools to track and measure patient progress throughout a treatment plan. This feature allows chiropractors to see the effectiveness of their treatments and make necessary adjustments for better results. The outcome assessment tools also include customizable questionnaires for gathering patient feedback. 

EZBIS Software Pricing 

EZBIS pricing starts at $225 per month and includes a variety of pricing plans. For detailed pricing plans, click on the "Get Pricing" button. 

EZBIS Software Demo   

To see how the features can benefit your chiropractic practice, request and watch a free software demo. To begin, click the "Watch Demo" button. There is also a free trial version of the software available. 

EZBIS Software Reviews 

The software has received positive feedback online, with users praising its customizability and ease of use. Customers value the integrated electronic health records, automatic billing, and user-friendly interface. More software reviews can be found in our Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts 

EZBIS Office is a dependable and user-friendly chiropractic practice management solution. It is a valuable tool for any chiropractic office because it supports EZBIS, has customizable features, an integrated EMR system, and automatic billing. So, if you're looking for a comprehensive software solution for your practice, EZBIS is an excellent starting point. 

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