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FollowMyHealth EHR is a cloud-based patient portal designed to meet the needs of healthcare organizations and patients. The solution offers a single point of access for patients and integrates seamlessly with most EMR software. It offers multiple user-friendly features, including telemedicine, email consultations, email reminders, appointment management, and EHR syncing. FollowMyHealth allows patients to access and track their medical records from a single access point, so patients can engage with the clinical workflow and follow compliant care plans. Besides, patients can also generate data that flows back to the EHR to automatically populate medical records.

The platform assists patients in submitting requests and paperwork. It allows care teams to alert patients in case of non-compliance, behavior changes, influence lifestyle, deliver patient orders to their names, and manage results/readings. The software supports marketing customization, enabling users to create their logo and branding details. It is also compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. Not only this, Allscripts offers a FollowMyHealth mobile app that is available for Android and iOS, so users can engage with their patients remotely. Medical experts can start interventions with patients to improve health outcomes and ensure compliance with developed care plans.

FollowMyHealth Pricing: Pricing is not shared openly by the vendor. You can request a price quote by clicking on the ‘Get Pricing’ Button.

Support: Support is extended via phone and email. Other help options include the online community and developer portal.

FollowMyHealth USP: Their telemedicine functionality allows users to conduct e-visits with asynchronous messaging.

FollowMyHealth Advantages: It allows healthcare providers to upload test or lab results while patients are allowed to easily request appointments from their homes. The software’s user-interface is visually appealing.

FollowMyHealth Limitations: It is quite difficult to navigate. The software does not support the Chrome browser, and pop-overlays fail to load properly even in other browsers. Some users complain that the software lacks organization and intuitiveness.

FollowMyHealth EHR reviews

Overall Rating

6 Reviews




2-10 employees

September 2020


The software has simple terminology and does not use jargon which helps new users to adapt easily.

Takes time to generate test result summary and appointment summary.


Forte BTS

201-500 employees

June 2019

Flawed execution

The concept of this system is something that I like but the execution is pretty much flawed.

The technology that they’ve used isn’t good. This application could be so much easy but they lack. I tried logging in once and forgot my password so I clicked on the “forgot password” option and it said that I’ll receive a security pin and then I can set a new password for it but the security pin was received after half an hour and by that time the security pin had already expired. Getting support directly isn’t easy.


SDSM & Ortho Center, inC

11-50 employees

October 2018


The system is user-friendly, and navigation is seamless. It is easy for me to request appointments and get a confirmation call from their office. The doctors are quick in uploading any lab test that I’ve had done.

Yet, there isn’t anything bad about it.


Long Grove Psych Associates

2-10 employees

August 2018

Good software

This system is great for basic healthcare and it saves a lot of time as patients don’t have to wait a lot for a phone call back. I love that patients have the option to email the providers as opposed to attempting to get somebody by telephone. It is excessively helpful when addresses come up and the workplace is shut, as you can email your inquiries and find a solution when the workplace opens. As a provider, it is ideal to have the option to email as opposed to trying to reach out to the patient by phone.

There are times when patient find it hard to log in.


Acupuncture with Monica

1 employee

April 2018

Hard to use.

It helps us see all our practice information in one place.

The design of this system is not visually appealing. Switching between screens is hard, the mobile application is not good, the system isn’t organized well, and seeing your lab reports is pretty difficult as well.

Shae Lynn

ABC Pediatrics of Asheville

11-50 employees

February 2018

It works for us.

We were recommended to use FollowMyHealth. It is easy to send out invites to the patient that are under the age 18 or are adults.

Each upgrade removes all our previous practice information that we’ve saved. We always have to go and uncheck things that we do not require to be seen after every upgrade.

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