Harris Experior EMR Software

Harris Experior is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system that has been specially designed to cater to the needs of small to large Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Harris EHR software is a complete solution for practices as it lets practitioners review documentation, medication results, allergies, and a number of other things. Harris EHR software also has an in-built OCR that helps in data entry via handwriting and it also supports voice data entry as well. The software is well equipped with a number of useful features like the Practice Management system, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), scheduler, charting, inventory management, and much more.

Harris EHR software features also include built-in filters, summary dashboards that come with the option of customization and users can tailor them with regards to their preference. The software also provides users with the ability to use e-signatures and medical reconciliation lists. The platform is a smart platform with a user-friendly interface, it provides users with reminders about patient appointments and schedules through a spoken or a touch-tone response. Account balance history can also be kept safe using the system's general ledger.  

Harris EHR software grants users the ability to manage patient scheduling for online account information as it offers a good amount of integration for ease of use. There is a patient accounting system that the software is equipped with that allows easy patient billing, reporting, insurance management, and electronic claims. The software has a huge storage capacity and can store up to 10 years of account balance history.

Harris EHR software is a cost-effective platform where it gathers information from a number of divisions and departments and brings them to one central location enabling users to easily view it and use it at their discretion. The system centralizes work and streamlines workflow and makes daily office functions easy for the users.

Harris EHR Software Pricing:

Harris EHR pricing plan starts at $300.00 per month and per user.

Free Harris EHR Software Tutorial/Trial:

Not available.

Harris Experior Support:

The software offers 24/7 live support.

Harris Experior USP:

The software’s patient scheduling feature offers complete integration with online account information. The platform has the ability to search for available appointment slots automatically.

Harris Experior Advantages:

The platform is well equipped with a number of features including comprehensive patient accounting functionality which consists of insurance management, patient billing, reporting, and electronic claims submission.

Harris Experior Limitations:

The system is not cloud-based hence it is hardtop switch accounts on different devices.

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