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Healthland has been in the medical industry for quite some time now. Healthland has had many contributions in the medical field. They developed a software Healthland Centriq System that is a cloud-based network specially designed to cater to the needs of the rural and community hospitals. Healthland Centriq’s main focus is to aid in the daily workflow of doctors and hospitals covering a number of specialties such as clinics, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, and emergency medicine. It is an electronic medical records (EMR) system that helps in streamlining workflows and enables practitioners to work faster with increased efficiency. It comes with a variety of features including documentation management, revenue cycle management (RCM), electronic prescribing, portal especially designed for patients, E/M coding, practice management (PM), Computerized Practitioner Order Entry (CPOE), pharmacy management, and much more.

Healthland Centriq electronic health records (EHR) offering includes a vast number of features that enable users to increase their work efficiency and effectiveness. Healthland Centriq features include templates that could be easily customized and tailored to the specific needs of users. This way they could personalize their software in the best possible way it would benefit them. The need to go about other functions that are not useful to them finishes which helps practitioners to streamline their workflow. The software also supports compatibility and integration with third-party applications due to which no additional software or application needs to be implemented. Healthland Centriq provides them with a complete solution. The reporting tool is something that is very useful for Physicians as well as they can use that very easy to record and analyze progress.  

Healthland Centriq EMR software comes with a variety of options as it is a cloud-based software but it could also be implemented and deployed on-premise using localhost. Practitioners could easily track their patients' reports and progress and share their data with other physicians in different locations remotely. The patients could use the easy-to-use patient portal to remain in direct contact with their physicians sharing prescriptions, setting appointments, and receiving reports.  

Healthland Centriq is an ONC-ATCB certified EMR and it works in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Support is available via email, online case submission, and remote assistance.

Healthland Centriq Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews




51-200 employees

February 2020

Its not easy

I found the software to be pretty tough and time-consuming too.

The software is difficult to learn and use.


Wallis Dermatology Associates

11-50 employees :

May 2016

Stay away

Customizable. Administrative functions are basic but work fine.

There is not that bunch of information and a lot of changes are still required to make it user-friendly.

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