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Hello Health is a cloud-based medical software solution that offers a well-balanced suite of features tailored specifically to the needs of pediatric and primary care practices. The digital platform combines electronic health records, practice management, patient engagement, revenue management, telemedicine, and medical billing functionalities within a unified portal. Healthcare providers can utilize its special features to capture patient details, such as medication history, patient demographics, and clinical notes. It also includes patient scheduling tools that enable clinicians to track appointments in a calendar view.

The Hello Health EHR supports integrations with major laboratories, enabling physicians to streamline workflow efficiency and accelerate the clinical decision-making process. The app's patient portal feature allows patients to request prescription refills, order labs, schedule appointments, and get follow-up notifications. Healthcare experts can also connect with their patients remotely using the software’s telemedicine functionalities. Moreover, its credit card processing feature is designed to help practices estimate the costs of non-covered services and receive automatic payments from patients.

Key Features

Document Management

Hello Health EMR software comes with a comprehensive document management system. the feature that helps practices keep all of their pertinent records in a centralized location. It securely stores scanned documents, laboratory results, pictures of health concerns, and clinical summaries within the patient’s profile.

Electronic Prescriptions

Hello Health is a SureScripts-certified EHR for electronic prescribing. The platform allows providers to send prescriptions to pharmacies and patients electronically. Clinicians can also leverage the system to prescribe controlled substances (EPCS). Overall, it makes it easier for users to prescribe, view, and track medications digitally.


This cloud-hosted medical software offers powerful telehealth capabilities. facilitate secure virtual care and ensure optimal patient engagement. The app supports quick information exchange, streamlined care plan monitoring, and efficient treatment progress tracking for delivering high-quality remote care sessions to patients.

Hello Health Pricing

Hello Health software pricing structure is based on the standard subscription-based model. Click on ‘Get Pricing’ to get a custom quote for Hello Health.

Hello Health Demo

Schedule the product demo to check out the Hello Health medical software in more detail. detailed manner (click the "Get Demo" button on this page). The comprehensive Hello Health demo will let you see the application in action and find out how intuitive it is to use.

Hello Health Reviews

Hello Health software has an overall satisfied consumer base. Many Hello Health reviews were positive, with users appreciating the system for its tonnes of useful features and clean interface, and excellent customer support. Have something to say about this medical software solution? Share your feedback with us in our reviews section!

Our Thoughts

Hello Health is an all-in-one medical software solution that enables pediatric and primary care practices to automate day-to-day work processes and digitize the information needed for managing patients’ treatment and medical records. We recommend opting for the product demo to see whether the EHR programme matches. your unique requirements.

Today's most popular FAQs

Can Hello Health help a physician transition from an existing EHR?

The Hello Health implementation team may analyze your current practice model and give advice on how to effectively migrate to our system. All of your patients' demographic information from your existing patient management software may be transferred to Hello Health.

Can patients still phone to schedule appointments?

Yes, patients can contact hospital staff via phone for any reason, including appointments scheduling.

How secure is Hello Health software?

Hello Health uses the highest-level SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and is fully HIPAA-compliant. Unlike e-mail, it uses a single, centrally-managed secure database for all provider-patient communications. Access to patient health and personal information is restricted to the patient and his/her care.

What is the cost for implementation and training?

The cost of first staff training is determined on the size of your business. The prices begin at $1,500 for the first provider and increase by $500 for each subsequent provider. Maintenance (daily backup), upgrades, and continuous support services are all free of charge.

Hello Health Software Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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