HPlusPRO Software

What Is HPlusPRO Software? 


HPlusPRO is a cloud-based medical billing software designed to meet the needs of SMEs and larger enterprises. It aims to enhance billing efficiency and accuracy at every stage of the process. The software streamlines administrative tasks related to handling medical bills, thus enabling businesses to focus on their core competencies.  

HPlusPRO is an all-in-one solution that provides healthcare practitioners with claims management, dunning management, invoice history, payment processing, and remittance advice on one centralized platform. 

What Is HPlusPRO Software Best For?   

HPlusPRO is a reliable medical billing software system that is known for its ability to check insurance eligibility. The software ensures that each insurance plan is properly verified so that the patient and provider comply with the plans’ terms for services rendered.  

Also, HPlusPRO's insurance eligibility verification puts reliability, compliance, and accuracy first, so users can be sure that their processes and transactions will be streamlined from start to finish. 

HPlusPRO Software Pricing 

The vendor does not provide any HPlusPRO pricing plans on its official website. However, click the Get Pricing option above for a personalized pricing quotation. 

HPlusPRO Software Integrations   

HPlusPRO offers several integration options to enhance healthcare institutes’ clinical and financial workflows. However, the vendor does not provide the names of third-party applications HPlusPRO integrates with. 

How Does HPlusPRO Software Work? 

Here’s how you can get started with HPlusPRO software after implementing it: 

  1. Create user accounts and set permissions for your staff based on their roles and responsibilities. 
  2. Customize the software to align with your workflows and preferences by configuring templates, forms, and reports. 
  3. Migrate existing patient data and medical records into the software or start with new patient records. 
  4. Use the software to submit claims, handle denials, and produce bills and reports. 
  5. Monitor your practice's performance and identify areas for improvement through the use of reporting and analytics tools. 

You can also click the Watch Demo option to access a free HPlusPRO demo and experience the software interface. 

Who Is HPlusPRO Software For?   

HPlusPRO software assists healthcare providers and related medical businesses in streamlining billing and practice management processes. The following departments and organizations use the software: 

  • Allergy clinics 
  • Ambulance companies 
  • Ambulatory surgical centers 
  • Anesthesia clinics 
  • Cardiology and thoracic surgery centers 
  • Dermatology centers 
  • Internal medicine clinics 

Additionally, the software is also used for the following practices: 

  • Chiropractic 
  • Gastroenterology 
  • Neurology 
  • Neurosurgery 
  • Oncology 
  • Orthopedic 

HPlusPRO Software Features   

Following are the top HPlusPRO features: 

  • Patient Screens 
    HPlusPRO software enables clinics to be proactive regarding patient care through its specialty-driven patient screening feature. This feature provides customized patient information based on symptoms and specialties. The software allows clinics to offer more quality care.  
    Additionally, clinics can monitor existing conditions and identify early warning signs for prospective illnesses, such as chronic diseases. With this feature, HPlusPRO assists medical providers in improving overall screening efficiency and greatly enhances the patient experience. 
  • Rate Tables 
    The HPlusPRO software allows users to use practice-specific rate tables, giving them a choice between multiple fee schedules. This feature gives users more control over their finances and expenses.  
    The application enables them to customize their rate tables for greater cost efficiency. HPlusPRO empowers users to ensure that their chosen fee schedule works best for their healthcare practice. 
  • CPT Charge Code 
    HPlusPRO’s CPT charge code feature provides medical practitioners with an organized system for encoding medical treatments and procedures. It has allowed doctors to standardize their reporting, enhancing accuracy and productivity. The CPT charge code tool helps professionals save time and streamlines the recording of patient care information. 
  • Customizable Statements 
    HPlusPRO software offers customizable statement functionality, allowing users to make personalized modifications tailored to their preferences. This feature is an easy and convenient way for customers to create a distinct, personal expression of form and content.  
    Also, users can make documents that meet their own communication needs by using the customizable statement feature. 
  • Eligibility Checking 
    With this feature, insurance companies can make sure that accurate information about eligibility and benefits is collected soon after a patient service. It helps expedite the payment process on the patient’s claim and avoids unnecessary delays.  
    Also, the software makes it easier to check with the insurance company to make sure that active coverage is in place before treatment is given. This lets providers treat patients quickly and with confidence that they are eligible for care. 
  • Claims Scrubbing   
    The HPlusPRO application offers a claims scrubber feature to help users efficiently identify erroneous claims before they enter their system. This solution allows organizations to reduce their liability by discovering and addressing document errors, such as absent or incorrect coding, missing signatures, or inaccurate geographic locations.  
    This feature also lets users check the credentials of a provider against data sources like the DEA database and the NPI Registry. HPlusPRO ensures all submitted claims are error-free and compliant with industry standards, boosting your organization’s financial performance. 

Is HPlusPRO Software Right For You? 

The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT) has certified HPlusPRO software. The application meets industry standards and will provide reliable data management results. 

Still doubtful if HPlusPRO is the perfect solution for your healthcare organization? Call our experts at the given number, and they will help you make the best choice! 

HPlusPRO Software Pricing 

The vendor does not provide any pricing plans on its official website. However, click the Get Pricing option above for a personalized pricing quotation.   


  • HPlusPRO cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere, anytime
  • Reduces claim denials and speeds up the payment process
  • Users can make personalized modifications tailored to their individual preferences


  • Limited integration options are available
  • As per HPlusPRO reviews, users may require additional training to learn the software
  • Users may experience technical issues or delays in customer support as per user evaluations

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does HPlusPRO software cost?

The vendor does not provide much detail about the HPlusPRO pricing plans on its official website. However, clicking the Get Pricing option can still get you a pricing quote.

Is HPlusPRO software cloud-based?

Yes, HPlusPRO is a cloud-based medical billing software.

What are the main features of HPlusPRO software? 

The main features of HPlusPRO software include claims scrubbing, eligibility checking, CPT charge codes, customizable statements, patient screens, and rate tables.

What level of support does HPlusPRO Software have?

HPlusPRO software offers several support options, including email and phone support.

Who are the main users of HPlusPRO software?

Several healthcare organizations, including allergy clinics, ambulance companies, ambulatory surgical centers, anesthesia clinics, cardiology and thoracic surgery centers, dermatology centers, and more, use HPlusPRO software.

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