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Intelligent Medical Software EMR software that has been designed to cater to the needs of multiple specialties such as ophthalmology, physical therapy, cardiology, neurology, orthopedic, community health, family practice, and more. The software comes with an option to be deployed via cloud-based system or on premise. The software is also a practice management software and helps its users to track patients, manage electronic remittance advice, can be used for eligibility verification, copay collection and paper/electronic patient statements. Intelligent Medical Software EMR streamlines workflow for users and enables them to increase their efficiency. The software is well-equipped with a number of useful features such as reporting, patient portal, e-prescribing, and communication tools. The EMR software also comes with templates that are used commonly for each specific specialty and it also enables users to customize the software according to their needs.

Intelligent Medical Software by Meditab Software is a complete solution that allows users to tracks patients and records their data keeping it safe for their use. Patient’s medical history, allergies demographics and a lot more could be recorded and collected easily by the software. The software enables users to make decisions easily. The software also comes with a patient portal that allows better engagement between patients and their doctors and the doctors are kept well updated easily and it reduces the hassle for patients to come physically to the facility over every small thing. The portal includes a chat feature that allows easy messaging and sharing of documents. Intelligent Medical Software EMR can easily be used remotely via mobile devices.

Using the practice management system enables users to conduct billing with ease and helps them to automate patient management. The ability of the software to update automatically is very feasible for the users as they do not need to worry about it. Intelligent Medical Software is a cost effective solution that is HIPPA compliant and Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified software.

Intelligent Medical Software Price: Starts at $199.00 per month, per user. Users can directly contact the vendors for more information.

Free Trial: Free trial is offered by the vendor. There is no free version of this software.

Support: Business hours support. Support is also available via phone: (510) 201-0130 and email: [email protected].

USP: The dashboards are customizable that enable its users to gather daily important operations, quality measures and patient details.

Product Advantages: This intuitive platform provides caregivers and physicians with a complete suite of solutions to make informed decisions, quickly identify the inefficiencies of their practice, and manage regulatory compliance. It is highly customizable and makes it for users to type notes.

Intelligent Medical Software EMR makes decision making for its users easy and enables them to quickly identify the inefficiencies of their practice, The software provides its users the option of customizing the software according to their needs.

Product Limitations: “Running out of memory” error keeps showing and the customer care needs a lot of improvement.

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