InterSystems HealthShare EHR Software

InterSystems Healthshare Software is a complete healthcare informatics solution designed specially to cater to hospitals and medical practices. It is an integrated delivery network (IDN). Exchange of data and information on a regional and national level is made possible by InterSystem HealthShare. The software solution comes with a number of options and key features which include information inter-transferability, aggregation for data, workflow, analysis via text, and also a unique analytics technology. InterSystems provides an all-in-one solution for health information sharing which is fully integrated. It makes sure that there are no inconsistencies or gaps in the data covering a wide network of health management systems. It’s go-to, to manage your data and exchange health information as with the delivery, management, and payment inputs at the right time this software can get it all done for users.  

InterSystems HealthShare combines clinical, administrative, claims, and social determinants data in one mainframe and aligns payers, providers, and patients around a common plan of care. The software creates cohesive, virtual teams, regardless of governance structure, which could be ACOs, MCOs, Patient-Centered Medical Homes, clinically integrated networks (CINs), or other team-based care delivery models.

With a wide variety of options for managing data and information efficiently the software allows its users to make cohesive teams virtually without any set leadership structures. The team could be ACOs, MCOs, Patient-Focused Medical Homes, Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs), or any other structure. The healthcare information is administered in one mainframe system which brings users, providers, and patients on one page by providing them a common plan of care.

InterSystems HealthShare software enables users to align providers, payers, and patients around a common plan of care. This enables all the parties to work together and share information making sure there are no gaps or inconsistencies in data.  The software connects users to their data sources, deduplicates, aggregates, delivers the clean inputs they need, and normalizes the data.

InterSystems HealthShare Pricing: Not publicly available, the users can contact the vendor directly to acquire pricing information.

InterSystems HealthShare Support: Support is offered through phone and email during business hours.

InterSystems HealthShare Pros: The software includes an interactive user-interface which is easy-to-use and non-tech-savvy users can also easily use it.

InterSystems HealthShare Cons: Users sometimes can't save the information they enter. The system lags a bit and slows down often. Their customer support team is not that responsive. The system sometimes slows down and lags. The data uploaded sometimes by the users are not saved. Customer care needs to improve its responsiveness.

InterSystems HealthShare EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews



Century Medical

11-50 employees

February 2020

IS HS review

Helps share documents with your staff easily and makes the work faster.

Slows down sometimes.


juhahm foods corp

2-10 employees

March 2017

Amazing product and feasibility level are up to the mark and the software is reliable. Customer support is also responsive.

It needs to enhance their storage capacity and make it more user-friendly

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