Interactant Electronic Health Records software is software that has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of in-patient and psychiatric medical facilities. Interactant EHR is a cloud-based system that comes with 5 main modules; Financial, Mobile, Revenue Cycle, and Insight. The software helps practitioners manage their workflows and helps them increase their efficiency by automating and speeding up daily operations. The software greatly helps in billing processes and helps physicians to keep track of their revenues. The software helps in making easy claims and also offers referral management. The software best suits behavioral health practices.

The platform is compatible with handheld devices and laptops. The software utilizes their mobile module to create more ease for the users by enabling them to access information from anywhere. Interactant’s insight module deals with practices’ managerial tasks including business KPIs and reporting.

Interact EHR allows users with multiple benefits. It is compatible with laptops and tablets making them easy to use. This helps all the users in working remotely and also enables them to access information from the cloud-based system from wherever they want remotely. Interactant EHR cost-effective solution deals with managerial tasks and helps physicians focus well on their practice. The software even manages business’s KPIs and reporting.

Interactant EHR Pricing: Not provided by the vendor.

USP: Interactant can be used remotely with the help of laptops, tablets or even phones.

Support: Support is offered during business hours.

Product Advantages: Different modules help with a different aspect of the business such as the Insight module helps in managing the business’s KPIs and reporting and the software’s EMR module automates computerized physician order entry (CPOE), basic health management, pharmacy and online medication administration records.

Product Limitations: Generating reports is boring and cumbersome.

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