In Touch EMR

In Touch EMR is an integrated medical software solution that combines electronic medical records and practice management capabilities within a single suite. The cloud-based application offers solutions across multiple clinical specialties, including behavioral health, physical therapy, speech therapy, home health, and more. Its AI-driven interface empowers providers to automate daily workflows, manage patient records, and deliver the best possible patient care.

The digital platform provides a single record location for patient health record management, mobile access, and documentation. It offers a multitude of features, such as appointment reminders, a patient portal, authorization countdown, patient scheduling, phone support, and advanced practice analytics. Patients can easily schedule appointments, upload documents, and receive follow-up notifications, while physicians can use the system to monitor a patient’s treatment on the go.
Furthermore, In Touch EMR software allows patients to securely communicate with their physicians, schedule appointments, access labs, and view clinical information, so they can participate more actively throughout their care process.

Key Features 

Clinical Documentation

In Touch EMR automates the clinical charting process and consolidates patients’ medication histories, vitals, diagnoses, and other important details in a centralized location. It also comes with a variety of configurable templates that adjust seamlessly to a practice’s existing workflows and help users optimize efficiency.

Medical Billing 

The application comes equipped with a powerful medical billing solution that automates day-to-day billing tasks to help practices get paid faster, eliminate redundant paperwork, and improve workflow efficiencies. It offers claims scrubbing, denial management, and insurance eligibility verification features to increase revenue outcomes.

Appointment Scheduler 

The robust appointment scheduling solution within In Touch EMR software allows users to quickly view patient information and appointment details directly on the calendar. Practice staff can easily track patient visits, confirm provider availability, and send out automated appointment reminders, increasing patient traffic and reducing no-shows.

In Touch EMR Pricing 

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In Touch EMR Reviews 

In Touch EMR Medical Software boasts an overall satisfied consumer base. Many users love the program for its robust suite of clinical charting features, library of customizable templates, and ease of use.
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In Touch EMR Demo 

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Our Thoughts

In Touch EMR is a user-friendly medical software solution that empowers healthcare organizations to operate efficiently, communicate strategically, and improve healthcare outcomes for their patients.
It is worth considering if you’re looking for an all-inclusive, scalable software solution for your healthcare clinic.

Today's most popular FAQs

Does In Touch EMR Software ideal for large practices?

It is suitable for small and large healthcare systems.

What is In Touch EMR Software mainly used for?

Using their own proprietary infrastructure, InTouch Health offers asynchronous, audio, and video telemedicine services.

Which languages does In Touch EMR software support?

InTouch EMR supports the English language.

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Large Organization

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