Intuitive Medical Documents (IMD)

Intuitive Medical Documents (IMD) is a web-based medical software solution designed to help practices streamline medical office management, clinical charting, and e-prescribing. The digital platform offers features tailored to various medical specialties, including internal medicine, primary care, cardiology, oncology, neurology, and more. Physicians can use its dynamic technology to stay on top of what their patients need, improve the efficiency of their workflow, and give better care to their patients.

Intuitive Medical Documents Software offers tons of useful features, including a patient portal, claims management, electronic prescribing, appointment scheduling, reporting, documentation, billing, and accounting. The application supports fully customizable solutions to fit the needs of most healthcare practices. It is a mobile-ready platform that can be accessed from anywhere, enabling medical experts to provide care on the go. With little to no training, healthcare clinics of all sizes can utilize the comprehensive suite of solutions to deliver the best possible patient care.

Key Features


The software includes a powerful electronic prescribing solution that allows users to manage prescriptions electronically. This offering helps clinicians record both new and ongoing prescriptions for their patients. Moreover, it notifies prescribers about potential drug interactions, duplicate therapies, and allergies.

Appointment Scheduling

Intuitive Medical Documents The EHR includes an easy-to-use appointment scheduling system that allows healthcare professionals to automate the patient scheduling process. It helps practices reduce administrative workload, send automated appointment reminders to patients, and automatically check patients’ insurance eligibility. Overall, the solution improves the overall patient experience and optimizes your staff’s time.

Patient Portal

IMD’s patient portal feature is designed to increase patient engagement. It encourages better patient-provider relationships and lets patients participate more actively in their care process. Patients can quickly access their health records, request labs, order prescription refills, and get follow-up notifications.

Intuitive Medical Documents (IMD) Pricing 

IMD’s pricing structure is based on the standard subscription-based model. However, the subscription cost details for this medical software have not been disclosed by the vendor. Please click on ‘Get Pricing’ to get an IMD custom quote.

Intuitive Medical Documents (IMD) Demo

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Intuitive Medical Documents (IMD) Reviews 

Intuitive Medical Documents has garnered positive reviews from users. Commentators praised the application for its wealth of EHR features, clean interface, and affordability.
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Our Thoughts

Intuitive Medical Documents (IMD) offers a customizable medical software solution that enables healthcare practices of all sizes to manage their patients, digitize health records, automate day-to-day tasks, and improve the quality of care.
We suggest that you try out the software demo to see if the IMD program meets your specific needs. 

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Intuitive Medical Documents (IMD) reviews

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