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iO Practiceware software is an electronic health records (EHR) system and a practice management system founded in 2003 that has been especially designed to cater to ophthalmology practices. iO practiceware software automates daily office operations for practitioners. It is equipped with a number of useful features like insurance management, record keeping for patients, inventory management, appointment management, and recall tracking. The software consists of a very user-friendly interface that integrates auto coding and touch screen that eliminates drop down menus and keeps the interface simple and efficient to use in the exam room. Clinical follow-ups, referrals and coding is also automated using iO Practiceware software. The functions of the software have been designed keeping in mind the needs of Ophthalmologists helping them increase the quality of healthcare.  

The data entry process has been made extremely easy using the touch screen interface of the software. The users can even draw using the touch screens which saves a lot of time for data entry. Visual information is converted by the software into clinical fields; the screens also come with a high level of customization option where the practitioners can set the screens to show important information with regards to their preference. iO practiceware software features also include a “highlights” screen which provides fast access to critical diagnosis also spanning the events of a patient’s medical history.

iO practiceware EHR software provides a great level of integration for recording results and testing equipment just with a simple click of a button. The software comes with highly useful scheduling tool which creates scheduling grids that help users to save up important information regarding patients in the exam room and they are notified at check out. The software is a HIPPA compliant software it is also Meaningful Stage 1 & 2 certified. The platform comes with the option of being deployed on premise or via cloud-based system.  

Price: iO Practiceware Software pricing details are not available publicly. Users can contact the vendor directly to inquire about pricing details and also get a price quote.

Free Trial: It offers a free trial for users.

Support: iO Practicware software offers online and business hours support. iO Practiceware software training is offered on-site, the company offers 24/7 technical support.

USP: iO Practiceware software offers end-to-end solutions designed for the Web App. 

Product Advantages: The software comes with the option of customization for Ophthalmology-specific practices where practitioners can customize templates for better efficiency and productivity. Patient documentation is made easy with the software as it provides a wide range of features.  

Product Limitations: The support team needs improvement a they are unresponsive and the software lags a bit.

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