iPraktice Software

iPraktice is an intelligently crafted, low-cost, top-end healthcare practice management solution. It establishes solid patient-physician relationships, tying all loose ends in patient care. Making attempts to align patient records professionally, it simplifies patient record management. 

iPraktice EMR delivers impeccable functionalities so doctors can enhance care within the set time period. In addition, the adaptability and flexibility of the vendor allows it to understand patient treatments and sort previous treatment history. It offers great services and even allows users to develop personalized add-ons. iPraktice believes in end-to-end collaboration and openly accepts innovative ideas shaping healthcare norms for good.  

iPraktice Features

The key functionalities of this technologically advanced solution include the following: 

Invoice Management

The iPraktice software seamlessly handles patients’ invoices. It packs simple yet comprehensive accounting tools. Care providers don’t have to worry about the invoices as this rigorous platform keeps all invoices in sync with the appointments.  

Its accounting tools record off-the-shelf purchases and provide patient summaries access to front-desk managers. Above all, iPraktice EHR generates detailed reports on accumulativeinvoices so clients can know about generated income.  


In an attempt to ensure a satisfactory patient experience, this robust vendor supports telehealth. Its telehealth offering is highly advanced and supports HD-quality interactions. Clinicians get a chance to boost their patient outreach via this service.  

The telehealth solution is compatible with all hand-held gadgets for the convenience of both parties. It is even integrated with appointment books so patients can choose the appointment type. Moreover, physicians can jot down notes during the unlimited video sessions.  

Patient Record Management

iPraktice specializes in patients’ record management. It functions as a reliable EHR partner with its outstanding record management tool. Systematically storing the notes on the cloud, it preaches instant data accessibility.  

It eliminates the risk of losing data with its next-grade encryption process using government-recognized local servers. In addition, the records are searchable; users can attach files to them and set medical alerts. This tool even allows creating consent and initial health forms.  

iPraktice Pricing

With a 30-day free-trial, iPraktice offers two pricing packages. You can get exact pricing details of the software by clicking the “Get Pricing” button above.

iPraktice Demo

The demo of iPraktice is wonderfully crafted, since it packs real-time insights about the vendor. Click the “Watch demo” button above to schedule one right away.  

iPraktice Reviews

The reviews of this industry-recognized platform are also worth reading. Clinicians admire its patient-appointment management service because it is highly precise and works diligently. In addition, clients claim that the software prevents crowding in care centers with a one-off availability service. Physicians also laud the clinic management aspect of iPraktice EMR as it helps streamline clinical workflow.  

Our Thoughts

By all means, iPraktice software is a reputable clinical management software. It syncs appointments, handles invoices, supports remote visits, and manages patient records professionally. Additionally, the vendor also offers dedicated support services, which lead to enhanced clinical performance and improved productivity. All-in-all, it is a cohesive solution providers can use to manage their practice skillfully.

iPraktice Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

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iPraktice Software reviews

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