Iridium Suite

What is Iridium Suite Software?


Iridium Suite is software designed for oncology and radiation practices but is also used for medical billing by other practices. The software enables smooth electronic claim and remittance processing through its fully integrated, web-based program. 

Iridium Suite medical billing software includes a customizable automatic medical claim scrubber, a built-in scheduler, and premium reporting features. Iridium Suite can be used on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, making it an ideal solution for medical billing.

What is Iridium Suite Software Best For? 

An outstanding feature of Iridium Suite is that it is medical billing software equipped with an RO solution. It enables the automation of a significant portion of the work involved in medical billing, promoting accurate billing practices within the medical practice. By using this solution, staff can save time and ensure that they receive appropriate reimbursement for their services.

Iridium Suite Pricing 

Iridium Suite medical billing software provides flexible pricing options to its users, making it scalable in small and large practices. Click on "Get Pricing," and our sales team will contact you, offering you a bespoke Iridium Suite quote.

Iridium Suite Integrations 

Iridium Suite can also be used as urology billing software because of its integrations. Here are some of the integrations offered by Iridium Suite: 

  • Oncochart integration 
  • CureMD integration 

How does Iridium Suite Software Work? 

Getting started with Iridium Suite is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is follow the steps below: 

  1. Download the software from Iridium’s website. 
  2. Double-click the downloaded file and run through the installation process. 
  3. Once finished, you will be ready to start using the Iridium Suite Software. 

Click on "Watch Demo" for a free demo of Iridium Suite; see the software in live action before you use it. 

Who is Iridium Suite For? 

Iridium Suite offers support for the management of medical business systems. It ensures the seamless processing of electronic claims, practice management, and medical billing. It is used by: 

  • Independent oncology practices 
  • Radiation centers 
  • Medical business systems 

Iridium Suite offers leading-edge technology used in the following specialties: 

  • Oncology 
  • Urology 
  • Radiation Therapy

Iridium Suite Features 

  • Claim Scrubber 

Iridium Suite offers a built-in Shavara claim scrubber to cross-check codes with billing rules and get immediate feedback. It enables coders to bill correctly on the first attempt. The software reviews charge captures in advance, issuing notifications and details about non-compliance with commonly used billing regulations before charges are posted. 

  • Accounts Receivable 

Iridium Suite supports the billing process by offering access to all the necessary information for the management of A/R. It facilitates the collection process by offering an intuitive workflow that includes reminders and priority queues. It alleviates the burden of A/R collection by providing effective communication tools with payers and patients. It can also be used to manage multiple recipients. 

  • Medical Scheduler 

Iridium Suite supports practice management with a built-in scheduler feature. It can be used to navigate schedules with categories like day, work week, or calendar week. This feature is particularly useful in the medical field as it enables the allocation of resources, including physicians, office staff, rooms, and equipment. 

Is Iridium Suite Right for You? 

Iridium Suite ensures seamless electronic billing for oncology and radiology practices. It is a cloud-based solution used for practice management and billing services. It supports medical oncology by meeting billing requirements, medical scheduling, and EMR/EHR management. 

Iridium Suite has the built-in capability to check real-time eligibility for claims management. This practice management software also supports unlimited users, allowing all the medical staff to synchronize. 

Before switching, you can watch a month-free trial of Iridium Suite to see how compatible it is with your system requirements. Or you can read Iridium Suite software reviews to check out the EMR software rating among its users. Ultimately, it is up to the users to discern if this is the right solution for their practice. 

Iridium Suite Pricing 

Ready to explore the Iridium suite software? Then Click the 'Get Pricing' button and find out how you can maximize your organization's efficiency. Choose from a variety of plans that fit your needs and budget and unlock optimized workflow processing today! 



  • Customizable: The software is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of different healthcare practices.
  • Ease of use: The user interface of Iridium Suite is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for healthcare providers to use the software.
  • Cost-effective: Iridium Suite is cost-effective, especially for small to midsized healthcare practices, as it eliminates the need for hiring additional staff to manage billing and administrative tasks.


  • Steep learning curve: Although the user interface is intuitive, the software has a steep learning curve, which may require additional training for users who are not familiar with medical billing software.
  • Customer support: Some users have reported that customer support is not responsive or helpful in resolving issues.

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Iridium Suite Software cost?

Iridium Suite pricing is flexible. Click on "Get Pricing" and our sales rep will contact you with a customized subscription plan.

Is Iridium Suite Software cloud-based?

No, Iridium Suite is a web-based medical billing software.

What are the main features of Iridium Suite Software?

Iridium Suite software provides medical billing tools like claims scrubbing and accounts receivables. It can also be used for practice management with EHR integration and medical scheduling.

What level of support does Iridium Suite software provide?

Iridium Suite offers these support options: live training, chat.

Who are the main users of Iridium Suite Software?

Iridium Suite serves independent oncology practitioners and radiology center staff.

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