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iSmart EHR is a web-based EHR administration platform that assists the physical therapy department of healthcare facilities in streamlining administrative procedures such as charting, invoicing, and appointment scheduling. Patients may access personal health information such as prescriptions, allergies, and test results through its self-service portal. 

The software allows for effective time management and easy appointment booking, rescheduling, or cancellation. It enables practitioners to start charting using their paper template in an electronic view. They can prescribe drugs electronically and receive suggestions on all critical interaction checks. This computerized, efficient, and easy tool replaces the cumbersome forms required for the traditional paper bill. Its web-based monitoring tool is valuable for the transparency of claim payment information. It allows practitioners to check patients' eligibility through the iSmart EHR system. iSmart EHR is an easy-to-use web-based solution with a simple UI. It is crucial for independent practitioners and small practices. 

Key Features


With iSmart EHR, practitioners may electronically transmit prescriptions to pharmacies with a few clicks. In addition, practitioners may produce prescription records and receive medicine and allergy notifications, which enables them to focus on the most crucial part of medical practice: patient care. 

Smart Scheduling

Appointment management is an excellent feature of the iSmart EHR software. You can create and update appointments, access schedules, reserve time for physicians, and view planned meetings for all offices or providers from the site. In addition, the software interface simplifies things by color-coding each state and emphasizing your available hours directly on the calendar. With this app, every feature is within your reach. 

Simple and Intuitive

The iSmart EHR interface is pretty straightforward. It permits you to devote more time to patient care and less to paperwork. Furthermore, its electronic bill guarantees that the most recent payment information is always within your reach. 

iSmart EHR Demo

iSmart EHR demo may help you assess the software's feasibility for your medical practice. To view the software demo, click on the “Watch Demo” tab above. 

iSmart EHR Pricing

The cost for the iSmart subscription plan is determined by the size of your practice. You can obtain the software’s pricing information by clicking on the “Get Pricing” tab above.  

iSmart EHR Reviews

Users generally believe that iSmart EMR is an excellent program for scheduling, invoicing, and handling patient data. It is simple to use and provides several useful features for physicians with private practice. Users claim that sending online prescriptions is very simple with the software. You may find more iSmart EHR software user reviews in our "Reviews" section below. 

Our Thoughts

iSmart EHR software is an excellent platform to help manage your medical practice, providing instant access to your patient's health information. You can view their medical history, allergies, vaccinations, medications, test results, and other relevant data. Moreover, you may quickly update current entries and add new data. All your claims-management information is readily available with the iSmart EHR, saving you much time and ensuring that your patients get the correct medication.

iSmart EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Can small clinics use the iSmart EHR?

Yes, small clinics can also use the features offered by iSmart EHR to streamline their practice.

Does iSmart EHR offer a free trial?

Yes, iSmart EHR does come with a free trial.

Is iSmart EHR software difficult to operate?

iSmart EHR comes with training through live sessions, webinars, documentation, and in-person sessions, which makes it easier to resolve any operational difficulties that may arise.

Which medical domains prefer iSmart EHR software?

Healthcare professionals from mid-level, small, and enterprise organizations can feasibly use the iSmart EHR. Freelance medical providers, non-profit organizations, and government institutions can also use the software.

iSmart EHR Software Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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iSmart EHR Software reviews

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