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Jane App is an online practice management software which helps medical clinics flourish. It makes handling day-to-day chores easier for everyone with automated features like scheduling, patient intakes, and invoice creation. Jane clinic software assures the easiest transition from paper to digital charts and is specially designed for interdisciplinary clinics.

It keeps clients, physicians, and administrative staff connected 24/7, regardless of time zone and location barriers. Jane App offers up-to-date functionalities and acts as a helping hand for clinical staff. The software works for many specialties, including chiropractic practice. Ultimately, Jane app improves patients’ experiences.  

Key Features

Online Record Keeping 

Jane App knows how essential online record keeping is. Running on the web, the vendor maintains online records. So, practitioners can readily get their hands on crucial information. The online forms eventually improve clinical productivity with time. 

Medical professionals have patient records, insurance information, and other details in the palm of their hands. This paperless workflow empowers providers to sort patient data pre-visits for streamlined and interactive encounters. 


With Jane App, healthcare professionals can craft intuitive charts straightforwardly. The software offers shortcuts and mobile compatibility to enhance the charting experience for medical professionals. Images and photos can be exported to charts to maintain accuracy in diagnosis. Besides that, doctors using Jane app EHR can customize charts. Moreover, search, filter, and export options are also available to clients. 


Billing appointments is often a challenging task. Jane offers innovative payment methods as per patients' convenience. The patients can pay through credit cards through their portals. Bills can be cleared before and after assignments as Jane App keeps records of all online patients. 

This intuitive pricing methodology of Jane software works in over 25 countries, leading to happier and more satisfied clients. Additionally, the billing feature is embedded into the scheduling module, creating invoices with a single click. All this is followed by concise reporting for crystal clear billing.  

Jane EHR Software Pricing 

Jane App offers three pricing bundles: base plan, insurance plan, and corporate plan. The pricing range of Jane starts from $79 and goes as high as $399 based on the plan type. You can click the “Get Pricing” button above to source customized pricing plans, tailored according to your clinical requirements.  

Jane App Demo 

Book a demo with Jane and see the software in action. Click the “Watch Demo” button above to access the cost-free demo. In addition, there’s an option for users to view recorded demos or schedule a live one.  

Jane App Reviews 

Jane EHR software is categorized as a problem-solver by physicians. It specializes in turning painstaking tasks into easier processors in the blink of an eye. Clients claim that Jane software pays attention to detail, nurturing an efficient and healthier clinic experience. 

Our Thoughts 

Jane is a budget-friendly and versatile software for medical practices. Specializing in wellness centers and chiropractic clinics, it adds value to their routine operations. Overall, it works the way clients want, handling claims, managing booking slots, and assuring data encryption. 

Jane App Software Pricing

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