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Juno EHR is an integrated electronic medical record, practice management, and medical billing solution designed for medical providers. The software enables healthcare clinics of all sizes to streamline day-to-day clinical, administrative, and financial operations. It is configurable and empowers physicians with a robust suite of functionalities, such as appointment scheduling, compliance tracking, electronic prescribing, patient charting, a patient portal, voice recognition, and revenue cycle management.

The digital platform offers end-to-end patient charting solutions that let clinicians document patient information electronically, leading to optimized efficiency, increased revenue, and improved patient care. Practitioners can also access a whole library of custom templates for documenting patient histories and visit summaries. Its lab reporting module integrates seamlessly with patient charts to streamline the entire process of patient health record management. Further, the built-in drug interaction tables notify providers about the potential drug-to-drug interactions.

Juno EHR employs cutting-edge technology to provide a scalable and portable solution that adjusts seamlessly to a practice’s growing needs. Its cloud-based infrastructure stores patient data in a secure, centralized interface.

Key Features 

Automated Workflows 

Juno Software automates daily time-consuming clinical and administrative tasks, enabling healthcare providers to focus on providing quality care. It offers a comprehensive suite of workflow automation tools to reduce no-show rates, free up staff time, and increase patient satisfaction.

Patient-Provider Portal 

The all-in-one medical software solution enables providers to engage, communicate, and educate patients online via an integrated portal. It also supports real-time collaboration with other providers, automated appointment reminders, the management of population health, and more.

Appointment Scheduling 

The appointment scheduling module within Juno medical software allows clinicians to schedule patient appointments and create new patient charts with just a single click. Practice staff can easily see provider availability and drag and drop appointments to cancel, reschedule, or move them to another healthcare provider.

Juno EHR Pricing 

The software’s cost structure is based on the standard subscription-based model. Further, the Juno pricing for the vendor’s basic plan starts at $249.00 per month.
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Juno EHR Reviews 

The Juno EHR software has received positive feedback across various accredited sites. Many reviewers laud the application for its robust suite of features for medical billing and charting, ease of use, and intuitive interface.
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Juno EHR Demo 

Click the "Watch Demo" button on this page to assess the software’s key features in real-time. The comprehensive Juno demo will give you a visual tour of the product’s core modules and demonstrate how it is the right fit for your medical practice.

Our Thoughts

Juno is an all-encompassing medical software solution that empowers medical providers to provide effective treatment, manage appointments, streamline clinical documentation, and automate billing tasks.
We recommend you opt for the program’s demo version to determine whether the system matches your unique requirements

Today's most popular FAQs

Does Juno EHR software offer a free trial?

Yes, Juno offers a free trial. It is available on the website.

What are the pricing plans for Juno EHR Software?

Juno EHR offers several plans for different-sized practices; click on the "Get Pricing" button above to get a custom quote for your practice's requirements.

What is Juno EHR software mainly used for?

The Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions from Juno offer all-inclusive patient engagement, medical billing, and practice administration software in one location.

Which medical department is ideal for Juno EHR software?

It is suitable for midwives, doctors, specialists, and other allied health professionals.

Juno EHR Software Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Juno EHR Software reviews

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