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Klinix is an on-premise billing solution for medical practices of all sizes, from small to large. It is an all-inclusive solution that assists practices in improving their billing and collections processes. Klinix is medical software that includes functions like card scanning, appointment scheduling, label printing, and document storage. It also has a cloud module that gives users access to features like provincial billing, private billing, scheduling, EMR, lab results, and patient eligibility. 

Klinix medical billing software includes a variety of reports that provide information about practice performance. Practitioners can use the software to create their own scheduler templates, which include custom working days, hours, appointment time intervals, breaks, and holidays. This medical software is appropriate for radiology, cardiology, chiropractic, ophthalmology, orthopedics, oncology, neurology, and pain management. It has a team of experienced professionals who support and train users on how to use the system. Klinix is a valuable resource for both doctors and patients. 

Key Feature 

Billing and Claims Management 

Klinix is a medical billing software that allows for billing and claim submission for single and multi-practitioner clinics. It's simple to use and includes an OHIP billing screen, an all-in-one claims log screen, and an appointment scheduler with integrated billing. The software also includes custom service codes for private billing, making it a useful tool for any clinic. 

Patient Scheduling and Eligibility Check 

The patient intake and scheduling modules of the software make it simple for staff to collect patient demographics and track payments. The module includes a patient form that can be customized, an automated appointment scheduler, and an appointment book. The software also makes it simple to schedule appointments and keep track of them. Klinix has a feature that automatically checks a patient's coverage and plan details in real time to see if they are eligible. 

Claim Management 

Klinix includes a claim scrubber, which checks claims for errors and omissions before they are submitted. This helps to ensure that claims are clean and error-free, which can cause payment delays. All major insurers can submit electronically using the software. 

Kilinix Pricing 

The annual cost of Klinix is $399 for three computers. To view complete pricing details, click the 'Get Pricing' button.

Klinix Demo 

You can request and view a free live demo of Klinix software to learn more about how it works. Users can also get a free trial of the software. 

Klinix Reviews 

Thousands of legitimate users have given the software high marks. The reviews highlight key software features such as patient scheduling, claims submission, and customer support. The software is also praised for its simplicity of use and ability to increase clinic efficiency. More Klinix reviews can be found in our reviews section. 

Our Opinion

Klinix is a comprehensive medical software that assists providers with many aspects of their practice, including patient scheduling, billing, and collections. It is a versatile tool that can be tailored to the needs of any clinic of any size. The software is simple to use and comes with excellent customer service. Klinix is an excellent option for practices seeking a versatile, all-in-one medical billing solution.

Klinix Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Is Klinix just used for billing purposes?

Besides billing, Klinix software is used for e-prescribing, SOAP notes, customizable templates, patient follow-up reminders, and laboratory integration.

Is Klinix software free?

No, Klinix software is not free. It is available for $299 per user per year.

Which languages does Klinix software support?

Klinix software supports the following languages: English.

Klinix Software Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Klinix Software reviews

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