Lightning MD

Lightning MD Telehealth software is specially designed for medical practices to cater to their billing needs. This software allows users to sort their account receivables, reports, documentation, and much more. The software can be used remotely via phone or could even be set up and used with a desktop on-premise. Lightning MD is a cloud-based software that requires very little training because of how user-friendly and easy to use it is. The software can be set up within an hour. Moreover, it provides users with a unique and useful feature to color-code their outstanding bills based on the time for account receivables using the LMD claims manager. 91 days or more would be Red, 31-90 days would be Yellow and 30 days or less would be green. Similarly, patient records could be color-coded to enabling the practitioners to know easily; which patient needs more attention.

Lightning MD just does not handle billing processes but it comes with a variety of features such as scheduling and RCM for various health organizations. It also offers a superbill setup for medical practices that do not use templates which makes the process intuitive and fast. Claims that are unlikely to be paid could be organized into separate worklists as well enabling users to identify them easily.

Lightning MD Software Pricing: Pricing is not public; users can contact the vendor directly for pricing information or click the “Get pricing” button on their website to get pricing information.

Support: Lightning MD offers online support.

Lightning MD USP: Critical insights and information can be acquired to improve their detailed reporting functionality.

Lightning MD Advantages: Lightning MD software reviews state that the software is fast to set up and learn, it's very user-friendly. Users can save a lot of their time easily scheduling and even adding all CPT codes at once.

Lightning MD Limitations: It does not notify physicians when their clients are online and ready for consultations in the waiting room.

Lightning MD reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews



A Med Billing

2-10 employees

February 2020

Easy to use

The system is easy to use as compared to many other systems.

I don’t really have any major issues with the system. It’s just that I don’t like it when things open up in a new window rather than opening in the same window.

Suzanne L.


2-10 employees

December 2019

It keeps getting better!

The ease of use and calendar feature is a major plus for Lightning MD. Our office staff got familiar with its interface in a matter of days. Our patients have also been enjoying the intuitiveness that comes with it. Its telehealth functionality is better than other solutions available in the market.

There should be a way to inform patients and physicians when they get logged in and wait to begin the consultation.


Speech Therapy

11-50 employees

December 2019

Amazing for the value

Great customer supports their team is well-knowledgeable and is very helpful.

None that I can think of, it was easy to use and understand and was very helpful.

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