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Lightning Step EMR is the only all-in-one enterprise software designed by treatment professionals for behavioral health and addiction treatment clinics. The solution combines the foundations needed to operate a successful medical facility in today's market, integrating various modules and technologies in one place. Lightning Step also helps in eliminating the cross-communication pain points associated with using different platforms.  

Medical treatment providers are unsung heroes who are always concerned with caring for others, overcoming hurdles, and going above and beyond to provide the best healthcare possible. Lightning Step's all-in-one enterprise software enables its customer’s clinical, medical, and administrative personnel to achieve more, without sacrificing the quality of service that your clients deserve. 

With Lightning Step, addiction and mental health treatment centers of all sizes are efficiently transforming their teams. It works with your staff to reduce the number of hours spent staring at a screen and increases the amount of time spent saving the day.

Key Features

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Lightning EHR is built specifically for behavioral health and addiction treatment facilities by clinicians and Joint Commission experts. Their cutting-edge all-in-one platform for medical records saves you time so you can focus on your patients. With the help of this software, its users store patient's medical history, medications, immunization dates, doctor's notes, and much more.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

The company also offers a completely integrated suite that automates insurance claim, patient invoice, and automated payment plan processes. As a result, it removes the significant risk of human error associated with manual data entry. Healthcare organizations can use it to manage patient care events, all the way from registration and appointment booking, to balance payment.

Customer Relationship Management (CMR)

Lightning Step's CRM is created by sales, admissions, and business development specialists in behavioral health and addiction treatment. It keeps track of referrals, admissions, and sales operations in order to maximize efficiency. It also makes information about every client interaction available to anyone at their company.

Lightning Step Demo

Click the "Watch Demo" button on the top to see Step Lightning software demo, which will assist you in making up your mind regarding investing in Lightning Step EHR. The company does not provide a free trial of its software yet.

Lightning Step Pricing

The pricing plans for Lightning Step are not available on their official website. You can, however, request a customized Lightning Step pricing from our in-house customer service representatives by clicking the "Get Pricing" button above.

Lightning Step Reviews

Lightning Step software reviews are scarce on the internet, but majority of reviewers enthusiastically promote and recommend the software. Lightning Step has received high marks in many software review websites' regular rating schemes.

Our Thoughts

Lightning Step is now employed by a lot of healthcare facilities for behavioral health and addiction treatment practices, and it is proving to be a highly durable and reliable electronic record management tool. It provides a comprehensive range of tools and solutions for enterprises with a large staff and patient portfolio. Its customers benefit from the software's flexibility since they can focus solely on their tasks and assignments without being concerned about the paperwork. The software is a formidable weapon for businesses to have in their arsenal for in-house workflow management.  Overall, using Lightning Step will only increase your workforce efficiency and profitability. 

Today's most popular FAQs

How Lightning Step software helps hospitals?

It is an all-in-one enterprise software for behavioral health and addiction treatment facilities. It integrates features such as EMR, RCM, and CRM to operate a successful facility of this nature. It helps medical professionals by eliminating the need for multiple platforms to leverage operational benefits.

Is Lightning Step software an EMR or EHR?

It is an enterprise software system that includes EMR features.

Is Lightning Step software free?

Interested customers can contact the sales or support teams to determine if a free version is available.

Lightning Step Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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