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Lumeon improves communication between patients and family members or physicians. The software includes follow-up appointments, predictive analytics, multi-lingual messages, care transitions, discharge management, and virtual check-in features to make sustained engagement possible. This software also offers a campaign manager that allows for the creation and execution of marketing campaigns and the ability to track and monitor campaign results.

Lumeon Healthcare Software is designed to work with the patient's electronic health records (EHRs) to ensure patients receive the best care. The software also enables physicians to send appointment reminders through email, voice, or text messages, reschedule multiple patients, and provide telehealth consultations. The goal of this medical software is to make sure that patients are getting the best care possible by monitoring their health and treatment. 

Key Features

Appointment Scheduling

The software offers the ability to schedule appointments for patients. Physicians can allow patients to schedule appointments based on different options, send waitlist notifications, and provide time slots per visitation length, type, location, or practitioner. 

Care Plan Management

The software offers the ability to manage care plans. Physicians can create, edit, and review care plans. It also allows for tracking and monitoring care plan progress and generating reports on care plan compliance. 

Patient Portal

The software patient portal makes it easy for patients to stay connected to their care team and get the necessary information. Patients can use the portal to view their health information, schedule appointments, pay bills, and communicate with their care team. The portal is also used to provide educational materials and resources to patients. 

Mobile Access

Physicians can use the mobile app to access patient information, schedule appointments, send messages, and make phone calls. Patients can also use the mobile app to view their health information, schedule appointments, pay bills, and communicate with their care team. 


Lumeon offers reminders that allow healthcare providers to automatically confirm and remind patients of appointments via text, email, or phone. This feature helps to improve patient satisfaction by ensuring that appointments are confirmed. 

Lumeon Software Pricing

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Lumeon Software Demo

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Lumeon Software Reviews

The software has received good reviews online, with users appreciating its features and functionality. Many users liked the patient engagement features: appointment scheduling, care plan management, secure messaging, and mobile access. You can read more medical software reviews in our Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts

Overall, Lumeon Software is good health software that helps physicians in their daily tasks. The EMR application makes it easier for physicians to track patients' progress and ensure they receive the necessary treatments. It also offers mobile access to patients and physicians, making it easier for them to stay connected on the go. So, if you are looking for software to help you with patient engagement and communication, then we recommend Lumeon. 

Today's most popular FAQs

Is Lumeon software free?

No, the software is not free. It comes with a cost that depends on the bundle that you select. The Standard bundle costs €54.98 a month, whereas the Pro package costs €108.25 monthly.

Which languages does Lumeon software support?

The software supports the Dutch and English languages.

Who are the main users of Lumeon software?

The software is mainly used by huge healthcare enterprises across all specialties, including hospitals, PCPs, ambulatory care specialists, and IDNs.

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Large Organization

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Lumeon Software reviews

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