ManagementPlus Software

ManagementPlus is a feature-rich practice management system designed for ophthalmologists and optometrists. The application offers a comprehensive suite of workflow automation solutions to help users increase staff productivity. It also helps streamline daily workflows and optimize efficiency. It includes a fully customizable dashboard that supports patient record-keeping, practice building, capital funding, product sales, and inventory management.

The integrated practice management software also enables users to view and analyze patient health records in a unified portal. It offers tons of useful features, including appointment scheduling, optical sales, ASC forms, revenue cycle management, business analytics, and reputation management. Doctors and office staff can easily use the patient scheduling features to schedule patient visits based on provider’s availability and office location.

Furthermore, its reporting module enables users to gain actionable insights into their day-to-day processes, so they can make informed decisions. Users can also choose between cloud-based or on-premise deployment options.  

Key Features

Practice Management

ManagementPlus software offers a complete practice management solution that includes modules for billing, scheduling, and patient health record management. It lets ophthalmology practices review patient reports to maximize productivity and reduce billing errors. Clinical staff can also view multiple patient records in a single window for booking follow-up appointments and enhancing practice efficiency.


The all-inclusive practice management system helps users streamline the entire invoicing process. It allows them to collect payments, reduce denials, verify insurance claims, and ensure accurate billing statements to retain credibility. In addition, its payment program option enables quick payment processing with instant patient credit approvals.

Appointment Scheduling

The appointment scheduling module enables easy scheduling of patient appointments. It employs dynamic technology to boost efficiency, maximize productivity, update patient records, and send automated appointment reminders. The staff can also use this feature easily to allocate rooms and equipment, consolidate scheduling details, and streamline navigation.

ManagementPlus Pricing

ManagementPlus EHR Software is available on a subscription-based pricing model. Further, the pricing for its basic subscription plan starts at $360.00 per month. 
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ManagementPlus Reviews

ManagementPlus Software has received positive ratings. The application offers a robust suite of practice management features, streamlines day-to-day billing tasks, and helps optimize workflow efficiency, as noted by many subscribers. 
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ManagementPlus Demo

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Final Thoughts

ManagementPlus is an all-encompassing practice management software that allows ophthalmologists and optometrists to spend more time focusing on patient care and less time managing mundane tasks. 

We recommend that you opt for the app’s demo version to determine whether the product matches your specific requirements.

Today's most popular FAQs

Does ManagementPlus offer a free trial?

Although the software does provide a free demo option, there is no option for a free trial on its official website.

Is ManagementPlus software an EMR?

ManagementPlus software provides both EMR and EHR solutions.

What does ManagementPlus software do?

The software assists optometrists, eye care professionals, and ophthalmologists with scheduling, invoicing, point-of-sale (PoS), chart documentation, custom reports, reimbursement, and other tasks.

Which languages does ManagementPlus software support?

The support system supports the English language.

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