MDConnection Practice Management Software

MDConnection is a cloud-based software solution that has been specially designed for physicians running small practices. MDConnection streamlines workflow for practitioners and helps them increase their patient care efficiency and productivity. The software includes a number of useful features like medical billing services, patient management, patient scheduling, code scrubbing, document management, reporting and much more. MDConnection software can be tailored and customized with reference to user preference.

MDConnection is compatible and integrated with PatientConnection that enables users to carry out a number of tasks regarding patients such as registration, managing financial data, managing patient records and also making insurance claims. MDConnection is able to frequently produce off-site backups for data security and protection. MDconnection software cost is much better than those of the competing brands in the market it is an inexpensive practice management solution that improves the productivity of practices and enables practitioners to offer a wonderful experience to their clients.

Managing patient records, sensitive financial data, and other data types is not difficult using the MDConnection software as the platform keeps the records and sensitive patient information secure by creating back-ups for the data off-site. The software is perfectly suited to small independent practices and it is available in three different series: Elite, Scheduler, and Billing.

MDConnection Software Pricing: MDConnection is available at $299.00 per month and per provider for the user with unlimited transactions, users with limited transactions $199.00 per month and per provider. Also, have the option of paying monthly or annually. You can also request a price quote by clicking on 'Get Pricing' Button. 

MDConnection USP: The software allows the creation of detailed reports, keeping medical finances well-organized.

MDConnection Support: Support is offered through email, web conference, and phone during business hours.

MDConnection Advantages: Easy-to-use software solution with efficient navigation

MDConnection Limitations: The monthly fee of the software is higher than other software available in the market.

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