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MDoffice is an electronic medical records (EMR) system that was developed back in 1984 by Eye Care Leaders. MDoffice EMR system has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of ophthalmology practices. It also offers practice management services and is best suited for practices with less than 25 doctors. The software helps practitioners in their daily workflow. Using MDoffice EMR system enables users to record patient records and customize charts they can also use SOAP notes using the MDoffice EMR features. The software comes in both options for implementation; it can be installed on-premise and also via cloud-based network. Users can change template language and input patient information easily. Special records could be maintained such as prescribed medication, allergies, notes, images, and vitals. The platform also enables practitioners to draw or make notes and even insert images in the patients’ charts.

MDoffice EMR features also include the ability to edit images: they can crop, resize or annotate images and also lets users to attach files like X-rays and lab results. These documents can be easily shared via fax or email to other medical offices and practices. The software is equipped with a number of useful features which allow users to manage practice functioning, scheduling, clinical, administrative and insurance productivity.

MDoffice is mainly used for administrative workflow in offices as it handles all the office functions for the users. MDoffice streamlines and automate daily work in medical offices such as scheduling, applying for claims, collections and all billing services. The software is well equipped to manage revenue cycles and patients could easily be registered with previous billing history, it can reserve time spaces for them using the scheduler function as well. Practitioners can make lists of people with different commitments due and send them reminders automatically. The platform also offers a great deal of mobility as it comes with a mobile application knows as the ‘MDM’ which allows specialists to access charts, reports and patient records using their iPhones and iPads remotely.

MDoffice EMR Pricing: MDoffice EMR pricing details are available only upon request. Users can contact the vendor directly to inquire for pricing information.

Free Trial: Information regarding MDoffice EMR demo or MDoffice EMR tutorial is not available.  

Support: Support is offered online and business hours support.

USP: The ‘MDoffice Designer’ feature allows users to customize the appearance of the system and control the way it works according to their own preference. 

Product Advantages: Offers user-friendly interface. Practitioners can design professional PDF notes. Vocabulary regarding certain specialties could be added by the practitioners in the reports, histories, assessments, complaints, medications, procedures, lab results, and diagnoses.

Product Limitations: The software sometimes slows down or even freezes.

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