MDToolbox-Rx Software

What Is MDToolbox Software?  


MDToolbox software is a cloud-based electronic prescribing software, with a mobile version available for on-the-go healthcare professionals. This e-prescribing module, known as MDToolbox Rx, is certified for e-prescribing of both controlled substances and non-controlled substances, making it a versatile choice for prescribers in various healthcare settings. 

MDToolbox Rx offers a comprehensive solution to manage prescriptions efficiently, enabling prescribers to create electronic prescriptions, perform electronic prior authorizations, and ensure Medicare access. 

What Is MDToolbox Software Best For?  

One standout feature of MDToolbox-Rx Software is its EPCS (Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances) certification, which allows healthcare professionals to securely and compliantly e-prescribe controlled substances, ensuring adherence to stringent regulations and enhancing patient care. 

MDToolbox Software Pricing 

The software offers two pricing plans: 

  • E-Prescribe Pro: $28/month(Annual Subscription), $30/month(Monthly Subscription) 
  • E-Prescribe Complete: $35/month (Annual Subscription), $38/month(Monthly Subscription) 

Get in touch with us to discuss MDToolbox pricing plans in detail. 

MDToolbox Software Integrations  

MDToolbox Rx offers several useful integrations, making it a versatile tool for healthcare providers. It can integrate with popular third-party software, including pharmacy, lab, and payer systems. Some notable integrations include EHR systems, pharmacy management software, and lab information systems. 

How Does MDToolbox Software Work?  

Here’s how to get started with the software after its successful installation:     

  • Log in with your provided credentials 
  • Set up your user profile and preferences for a personalized experience 
  • Input patient data or access it through integrated EHR systems 
  • Start a new prescription by selecting a patient and adding medications 
  • Utilize the medication interaction checks to review potential conflicts 
  • Access medication formulary information to make cost-effective choices 
  • E-prescribe both controlled and non-controlled substances securely 
  • Manage electronic prior authorizations efficiently, if required 
  • Review and send electronic prescriptions directly to the patient's chosen pharmacy 

Book a MDToolbox demo that takes you through all of these steps in more detail.   

Who Is MDToolbox Software For?  

MDToolbox Software caters to healthcare providers of all sizes, from small practices to large healthcare organizations. It is particularly valuable for prescribers in the healthcare industry, such as physicians, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists. This software is also well-suited for government, non-profit, and healthcare organizations that require efficient prescription management. 

MDToolbox Software Features  

The following are some of the more advanced MDToolbox features:  

  • EPCS Certification 

MDToolbox-Rx is EPCS (Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances) certified, allowing prescribers to securely and compliantly e-prescribe controlled substances, such as opioids and other medications subject to regulatory controls. This feature is crucial for healthcare professionals who need to manage and prescribe controlled substances in their practice. 

  • Medication Interaction Check 

The software provides robust medication interaction checks, helping prescribers identify potential conflicts and ensure patient safety. It alerts healthcare providers to potential adverse drug interactions, reducing the risk of prescribing errors. 

  • Formulary Information 

MDToolbox-Rx offers access to medication formulary information, which enables prescribers to make informed decisions about the most cost-effective and suitable medications for their patients. This feature helps optimize medication choices and reduce costs for both patients and healthcare facilities. 

  • Medication History 

MDToolbox-Rx provides prescribers with access to a patient's medication history, allowing them to view a comprehensive record of the medications a patient has been prescribed. This feature helps prescribers make informed decisions and avoid prescribing medications that may interact negatively with the patient's current regimen. 

  • Prior Authorization Management 

The software includes tools for managing electronic prior authorizations. This functionality streamlines the often time-consuming process of obtaining insurance approval for certain medications. By automating and simplifying prior authorization workflows, healthcare providers can save time and reduce administrative burdens. 

Is MDToolbox Software Right For You?  

Enhance your prescription management and patient safety protocols with MDToolbox-Rx Software, a platform renowned for its robust security measures, scalability, and intuitive design. Esteemed among healthcare professionals for its EPCS certification, MDToolbox stands out by effectively addressing common challenges in prescription management, thereby bolstering accuracy and patient safety. 

If you're contemplating whether MDToolbox-Rx is the optimal fit for your practice, we invite you to reach out at (315) 215-3447. Our knowledgeable team is on hand to guide you through your decision-making process. 

MDToolbox Software Pricing Plans



  • Ease-of-use: It is modern, affordable and easy-to-use.
  • Expensive: It is modern, affordable and easy-to-use.

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Lab Integration


Online Payments


Immunization And Allergy Tracking


Mobile App




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Today's most popular FAQs

Does MDToolbox software support mobile devices?

Yes, MDToolbox software offers a free mobile version for on-the-go prescription management.

How much does MDToolbox software cost?

MDToolbox cost is based on two pricing plans: E-Prescribe Pro, with an annual subscription cost of $28/month and a monthly subscription cost of $30/month. E-Prescribe Complete, which is available for $35/month with an annual subscription or $38/month on a monthly subscription basis. To obtain a comprehensive understanding of MDToolbox Software's pricing plans, please contact us for further details.

Is MDToolbox software free?

MDToolbox software review suggests that while it offers a free mobile version, the full-featured software is typically not available for free, and pricing details can be obtained through a quote.

What languages does MDToolbox software support?

MDToolbox software supports English. 

What level of support does MDToolbox software offer?

MDToolbox software provides customer support, including phone, email and message support.

Who are the typical users of MDToolbox software?

Typical users of MDToolbox software include healthcare professionals, such as physicians, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists, across various healthcare settings.

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