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Meddbase is the UK's leading clinical management system. It is an integrated suite of secure clinical tools and services to improve overall productivity. This reputable EHR platform works to assure data integrity, patient satisfaction, and staff effectiveness. Meddbase system runs on an intelligent clinical framework for efficiently managing the entire patient journey.  

The vital medical specialties that Meddbase covers are occupational health, primary care, ophthalmology, orthopedics, physiotherapy, and MSK. Besides this, Meddbase software offers powerful health assessment tools. Moreover, this realistic solution offers quality functionalities to support multidisciplinary teams.

Key Features 


Care professionals can make thorough diagnoses timely with the help of Meddbase features in integrated pathology systems. Clinicians can order tests for patients even during appointments by requesting forms to pathology labs.  

The request forms are auto-generated to proceed with tests simplistically. Similarly, the test results are sent back to Meddbase software electronically. Overall, the Pathology system features billing integration to record patient invoices efficiently.  

Medication Delivery 

Meddbase system takes pride in its medication delivery functionality. It is a unique feature that ensures prescribing needs are met faster within the vendor’s database. This service expedites the prescription process by integrating with pharmacies.  

Moreover, it helps draft appropriate treatment plans in the shortest time span. It cuts down the administrative burden of conducting prescription follow-ups. Thus, it nurtures a highly sought-after patient service level by delivering medicines to patients without added charges.  

RIS PACS and Imaging 

This efficient solution allows connecting with imaging laboratories by using its robust API network. Integrating imaging centers and radiology clinics, practitioners simplify radiology workflow for patients. In addition, it eliminates the need for patients to move back and forth radiology labs.  

The results are electronically sent to Meddbase servers so doctors can keep track of patient cases without any hassle. As a result, it leads to better patient care and enhanced business productivity. 

Med+DBase Pricing 

The cost details of Meddbase software are not disclosed publicly but are available on request. Click the “Get Pricing” button above to access a custom quote for your practice.  

Med+DBase Demo 

Get to know this secured EHR solution better by setting up a demo. Click the "Watch Demo” button above to watch a demonstration of the software and explore how Meddbase serves as a complete clinic management package.  

Med+DBase Reviews  

Meddbase software has highly positive reviews due to its effectiveness and reliability. Users say that this web-hosted solution sets things straight for them by automating patient journeys. Additionally, the remote consultation capability of Meddbase is flawless, since it works on desktop and handheld gadgets as well. Explore how Meddbase revolutionizes organizations by reading users’ experiences shared below in the Reviews Section.  

Our Thoughts 

Meddbase is an all-rounder EHR platform equipped with flawless care management services. It packs coding, inventory management, patient analysis, process, and contract management services to optimize clinical workflow. All-in-all, working with Meddbase can help your organization reach its full potential.  

Today's most popular FAQs

What is Med+DBase mainly used for?

The cloud-based application aims to assist with the clinical management of different types and sizes of medical practices. It includes features such as a patient portal, patient records, diaries and appointments, patient SMS, invoicing, and electronic pathology.

Which languages does Med+DBase support?

As per the information available, the software supports the English language. There is no concrete data available that indicates support for other languages.

Which medical domain usually prefers Med+DBase software?

Med+DBase is clinical management software, and practices belonging to a wide range of medical domains can benefit from it. It provides features for practices that offer secondary care. Additionally, the vendor provides training to users at the time of initial set-up to ensure seamless onboarding.

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