Medgen Software

Medgen Software is a powerful and intuitive platform that helps businesses of all sizes streamline their medical billing processes. With features such as appointment scheduling, e-prescribing, and electronic health record management, Medgen EHR makes it easy for administrators to manage patient data and improve workflows effectively. The software also gives managers insights into growth charts, vitals, and referral authorizations, allowing them to make data-driven decisions that drive organizational success. 

This EMR allows clinicians to document patient visits easily, generate ultrasound reports, and communicate electronically with customers. Whether you are an individual practitioner or a large healthcare organization, Medgen can help you improve patient care, optimize efficiency, and boost profitability. 

Key Features 

Patient Portal 

The Medgen EHR patient portal is a secure online tool that gives patients 24/7 access to their health information. The Medgen patient portal lets you view your test results, immunization records, and upcoming appointments. You can also message your provider, request prescription refills, and pay your bills. The patient portal is a convenient way to stay on top of your health and ensure you get the care you need. 

Appointment Scheduling 

The appointment scheduling feature makes it easy to book and manage patient appointments. Online booking helps minimize no-shows, while automated reminders reduce the need for manual follow-up. You can also send appointment reminders via text or email, ensuring that your patients are notified of upcoming visits which helps to build customer loyalty. 


The software e-prescribing feature streamlines the prescription process, reducing medication errors and ensuring patients receive the right dosage of drugs. The e-prescribing feature allows you to easily generate digital prescriptions, check for drug interactions and allergies, and send prescription requests to pharmacies. Plus, the EMR software integrates seamlessly with lab systems, making it easy for providers to access lab results and share them with patients. 

Medgen Software Pricing 

The premium version starts from $300 per month and comes in multiple plans. Click on the "Get Pricing" button above for detailed information about Medgen pricing. 

Medgen Software Demo 

Watch a free live demo to see how Medgen EMR can help streamline your medical billing and improve patient care. The software does not offer any free version or free trial. Click on the "Watch Demo" button to get started. 

Medgen Software Reviews 

Medgen has received many positive reviews from users and industry experts. Users appreciate the software's powerful features and find it easy to use. They also like how Medgen's data analytics provide valuable insights into patient trends, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and improve workflows. You can read more Medgen EHR reviews in our Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts 

Medgen EMR software is the ideal solution for healthcare providers looking to streamline their workflows, improve operational efficiency, and better serve their patients. It is ONC-certified so you can trust it to meet the highest standards of care and security. So, whether you're looking for improved efficiency, productivity, or insights into patient data, Medgen healthcare software has all the tools you need. 

Today's most popular FAQs

Can Medgen software work for large practices?

MedGen is typically feasible for mid-size and small businesses. Therefore, it is not an ideal clinical management software for large medical practices.

Does Medgen software offer a free trial?

No, Medgen software does not include a free trial with its subscription-based pricing plans.

How Medgen software works in real-time?

In real-time, Medgen offers features such as charting, e-prescribing, a self-service portal, medical billing, and more for optimizing clinical management at a medical practice.

Medgen Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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Medgen Software reviews

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