Medhost EHR is a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) solution that enables health care providers to manage patient care both effectively and efficiently. The software automates and streamlines all aspects of patient administration, from registration and scheduling to documentation, billing, and more. It is also interoperable with other health information systems, which allows health providers to exchange patient information in a secure and seamless arrangement.  

The software provides a complete, real-time view of patient information critical for providing quality care. Medhost EHR is also scalable and can be customized to meet the specific needs of any sized organization. 

The Medhost Emergency Department Information System (EDIS), a further narrowed vendor accessory, is a web-based utility that provides a complete picture of a patient's emergency department visit. It integrates with hospital information systems to comprehensively view the patient's medical record. It also offers various features specifically designed for the emergency room environment, such as real-time alerts, pull-down menus, and templates.  

Key Features  

Claims Management  

Medhost EHR includes a claims management module that helps providers submit accurate and complete claims. It automates the claims process, which helps providers both save time and reduce errors. It also offers a variety of features specifically designed for claims management, such as real-time eligibility checking and electronic remittance advisories.  

Medical Billing 

The medical billing module in Medhost EHR streamlines the billing process and helps providers get paid faster. It offers a variety of features, such as real-time billing status updates, auto-reversal of denied claims, and integrated collections management. The software automates the billing process, which helps providers save time and reduce errors. 

Bed Management 

The Bed Management module helps providers track and manage patient bedding concerns. It offers real-time bed availability, patient acuity levels, and bed assignment notifications/rules references. It also helps providers plan for patient admissions and transfers. 

In-Patient Management  

The in-patient management module offers a complete view of a patient's hospital stay.  

It provides information on the patient's admitting diagnosis, medications, laboratory results, and vital signs. It also offers features specifically designed for in-patient care, such as nurse rounding and discharge planning. 

Medhost EHR Pricing  

To date, the vendor has not publicized their software subscription/plan prices – but you can get in touch with them for a custom quote through this page. 

Medhost EHR Demo  

If you wish to see the program in action, you can request and watch a free demo to see how Medhost EHR can narrowly benefit your organization. At the moment, the software does not come with any free trial/full access offers.  

Medhost EHR Reviews  

There are many Medhost EHR reviews available online, with users praising the software for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. The program also gets high marks for its customer service and support accompaniment. You can read more in-depth user reviews in our Reviews section below. 

Our Thoughts 

Medhost EHR is a comprehensive and user-friendly electronic health record software. It offers benefits for both healthcare providers and patients. The program helps health care providers improve patient care coordination, reduce paperwork, and increase efficiency. It also benefits patients by improving communication with their healthcare providers, enabling access to their medical records, and improving their overall quality of care.  

So, if you are looking for EHR software that can streamline all aspects of patient care in your facility, Medhost EHR is definitely worth considering. 

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Today's most popular FAQs

Does MEDHOST EHR software offer a free trial?

No, the software does not offer a free trial.

Is MEDHOST EHR software easy to implement?

The software is quite user-friendly, and users have praised its intuitive interface.

What are the pricing plans for MEDHOST EHR Software?

Pricing is not available. The vendor may be contacted for further information.

What is MEDHOST EHR mainly used for?

From registration and scheduling to paperwork, invoicing, and other patient administration tasks, the platform automates and simplifies them all.

Who are the main users of MEDHOST EHR Software?

A wide range of healthcare workers, including doctors, nurse practitioners, and office managers, are served by MEDHOST EHR.

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MEDHOST EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews


Samantha K.

Medical Practice

1-10 employees

December 2022

Medhost review.

I have been using this software for a couple of years now, and it's safe to say that MEDHOST EHR was created both by and for clinical people to provide patient-centered care. The user-friendly interface allows you to create/streamline documentation and optimize workflows, allowing users to spend more time with patients and provide better care for them (which is the whole point for what we do, really).

It has adaptable features that help improve health outcomes and business intelligence for both individual and multi-facility settings. The various tools assist health care personnel in developing closer relationships with patients and enabling more effective administration. It is straight-up the answer to all of my financial problems at work.

The software makes it simple for users to manage patients. It provides quick updates and allows users to import data instantly. The system's information is relatively easy to find.

One thing to add, which is not too big of a deal (but still), is that the user interface is somewhat clumsy. The design is a little dated, even though the performance is great. When you're looking for something, information can get lost at times.

Cortney S.

Healthcare Administration Manager

1-99 employees

December 2022

Aligns perfectly with our practice

My company used MEDHOST to maintain a system of electronic medical records. The software is highly efficient and a forward-thinking application. It has proved to be very beneficial for us as it enabled my organization to increase its revenue. This ultimately ended up with the team getting performance appraisals as well. Moreover, the best thing about the software is that it provides our patients with cutting-edge technology to help them enhance their overall quality of life. Thus, this outcome of the application directly aligns with the goals of the company. Hence, I am glad that we got introduced to this system.

Even though the software perfectly aligns with the company's vision and goals, it was challenging for the department to create personalized templates as per the setting of our facility. Firstly, all of the templates had to be approved by the IT department. Secondly, the software is not compatible with radiology systems. Thirdly, you have to launch a separate program to view the x-rays. Thereby, it gets time-consuming and doubles the time for such simple tasks. Thus, I hope that these issues are addressed and fixed in the next software update.

Christina A.

Consumer Electronics

201-500 employees

December 2022

MEDHOST makes managing patients so easy!

Managing everything related to a patient is simple and perfect with MEDHOST. One of the main reasons we use the software is to deal with patient data, especially in the ER, and it loads up very quickly with no lags. All of the physicians have access to it, and it updates the information instantly across the board, so if a patient is transferred from the ER to the IPD, then the other doctor can access anything he'd like without a hassle. And locating whatever information is required is intuitive. Signing up for the software was pretty easy, and I would highly recommend it to ER specialists.

The only thing I can say is that while the UI is straightforward enough, it is very dated-looking. It doesn't affect the experience or the performance in any way whatsoever, though. Proper training is required, which can be challenging for senior doctors who neither have the time nor the energy to sit through long, boring sessions just to learn how to operate. Other than this, it is a complete package that does what you need it to. The UI concern is easy to get by with.

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