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Medisoft is a user’s choice medical billing software. It runs on the cloud eliminating the hassle of maintaining on-site medical billing solutions. It offers a comprehensive bundle of billing tools, automatic daily backups, customer support, and free system upgrades. In addition, Medisoft EHR offers practice management services integrated with the EHR module.  

It suits clients' specific needs, offers quality add-ons, and helps them work more efficiently. Medisoft can be both server-based and cloud-based. Both cases prevent the system from freezing, crashing, and slowing down even under a heavy workload.  

Key Features 

Medisoft Mobile 

It is a rigorous application that streamlines the entire patient-intake process. This way, Medisoft clinical solution decreases the amount of paperwork greatly. Ultimately, it reduces staff errors and improves customer satisfaction.  

The new application nurtures a smooth patient experience using tablets to process the intake forms. Patients feel encouraged to fill out the forms to verify their medical demographic and enter detailed information. Once the staff takes the tablet to verify the information, the data integrates easily into the Medisoft EMR.  


Medisoft holds a special significance in the EHR market because of its valuable add-ons. It offers advanced practice management functionalities as additional services to not burden small-scale practices. The added functionalities of Medisoft EMR include the following: 

  • Automated appointment reminders 
  • Electronic claims submission 
  • Insurance card OCR scanning 
  • Electronic statement processing 
  • Credit card processing 
  • Online appointment scheduling 

Practices dealing in high volume of clients can benefit from the aforementioned services. So, these features are essential in decreasing staff workload and enhancing administrative workflow.  

Medisoft Report 

The Medisoft clinical software offers a robust report-designer tool. It enables providers to generate customized reports using the available system data. For example, for an in-depth financial analysis, the vendor creates an asset, aging, revenue expenses, and many other custom reports.  

  • Aging reports look into primary insurance balances.  
  • Facility reports create pie charts for daily summary.  
  • Marketing reports present collection, financial, and productivity statistics. 
  • Collections reports highlight patients who have not posted their charges yet.  
  • Managed care reports display charges posted by the insurance class. 
  • Plus Pack reports are basically activity summary that generates A/R data. 

Medisoft Pricing 

Medisoft software comes with a detailed price structure. For example, the price for the cloud-based module of Medisoft software is just $69. Click the “Get Pricing” button above to access custom plans.  

Medisoft Demo 

You can set up a live demo with Medisoft medical billing software to see it in action. It will reveal real-time insights of the vendor. Click the “Watch demo” button to set up a free-of-cost demo of Medisoft software. 

Medisoft Reviews 

The user feedback of the Medisoft clinical software is commendable. It is the prime source of scoring a heavy customer base, as users highly recommend it. The coding services of the vendor give users a prompt glance into the paid/unpaid claims and invoices. Explore more reviews by consulting the Reviews Section below.  

Our Thoughts 

Medisoft is a flawless EHR solution offering the best-overall clinical services.  The agile features of this leading care platform are unmatched. Moreover, Medisoft is an excellent billing software. As a result, healthcare providers feel at ease using this comprehensive and secure EHR software.  

You can opt for its free demo to gauge whether this software is the right fit for your organization.

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