MED Source USA is a leading medical billing service provider. The software maintains an upper hand in the industry, featuring an intact RCM solution. MED USA CRM software rules out the billing intricacies, empowering independent healthcare practices with best-in-class billing solutions. The vendor employs technology and couples it with over 40 years of experience to meet the practice’s needs. 

The CRM software offers in-house billing support. Users can even outsource their repetitive billing functionalities like EDI, charge posting, and claim processing to this CRM billing solution. Charge posting, insurance reimbursement, patient contact, document imaging, and payer management services are the prime services of MED USA CRM. Besides that, there are services like practice management reporting, EDI maintenance, and much more. 

Key Features

Healthcare Analytics

With the reporting suite of this CRM, medical practices can gain intellectual business insights to make quick real-time decisions. In addition, its EHR analytics provide visibility to lab reports' status and patient alerts. 

The practice management service reviews the claim submission process. The review and administrator cycle features a drill-down and macro-level view of clinical finances. Then there’s a BI healthcare analytics tool that conducts performance tracking reports. 

Provider Credentialing

This robust CRM solution acts as a medical credentialing tool for healthcare practices. It mitigates reimbursement inefficiencies with proactive monitoring. Using Med USA CRM, clients are entitled to payer contracts and provider enrollment services. 

Users feel privileged to use provider credentialing services, including application follow-ups, payer sweeps, NPIs, and even re-credentialing services. This way, care professionals get to complete crediting applications timely. 

Healthcare RCM

The CRM solution offers an extensive RCM module that meets the billing needs of all medical practices. Leveraging 38 years of experience, it delivers customized billing solutions to increase account receivables. 

Besides managed billing services, it caters to urgent care RCM needs, leading to an over 40% decrease in A/R days. The best part is that remote patient bill monitoring solutions come into play with this CRM software. 

MED CRM Pricing

The price of this CRM software is not listed on the web. However, you can send a quote to the MED CRM software, requesting price details. 


Take a test drive with MED CRM by setting up a demo. It will allow you to understand how it undergoes billing processes while complying with industrial rules and regulations. 

MED CRM Reviews

Providers believe that this CRM software is packed with excellent RCM solutions. It delivers excellence with its transitional A/R management services and flexibility at its peak. The CRM software even offers credentialing and billing for ancillary services. Reviews state MED Source CRM improves care value with EHR, coding, and lab company interfaces. Users state that this credible CRM software optimizes the RCM stream in a flash. 

Our Thoughts

MED USA CRM software means getting the hang of fully customizable billing services. It fulfills all the reporting needs of practices by providing them with unmatched access to the clinical database. In-house credentialing experts come in handy with this effective solution. 

Today's most popular FAQs

Is Med USA CRM software expensive?

The vendor does not provide pricing information on its website. For pricing details, interested clients can contact the sales or customer support team for Med USA CRM.

What is the implementation process of MedUSA CRM software?

Users interested in getting Med USA CRM software for their medical practice can contact the sales or support teams for information on how to proceed with the implementation process.

Who are the main users of Med USA CRM software?

Small to large medical practices can use Med USA CRM software to achieve greater efficiency and scale their practices.

Med USA CRM Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Med USA CRM reviews

There are no reviews for this product.

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