Medsphere Systems EMR Software

What Is Medsphere EHR?  


Discover Medsphere EHR, an electronic health record (EHR) cloud-based system designed to address critical challenges in healthcare management. It offers comprehensive solutions for patient care, revenue cycle management, and more. With a vendor-independent approach, it ensures the security and quality healthcare you need. 

Medsphere EHR's integrated health network solutions are accessible from acute care to ambulatory facilities, making it a versatile choice for various healthcare organizations. This system streamlines systems implementation, practice management, and end-user device management. 

What Is Medsphere EHR Best For?  

One standout feature of Medsphere EHR is its "Vendor-Independent Approach." This unique approach allows healthcare organizations to integrate and adapt third-party solutions seamlessly, offering flexibility and freedom from vendor lock-in while ensuring efficient healthcare management. 

Medsphere EHR Pricing  

The Medsphere EHR cost breakdown is based on your organization's needs. Please contact us to explore Medsphere EHR pricing options that suit your requirements. 

Medsphere EHR Integrations  

The software can be integrated using HL7, EDI and ANSI standards. However, the vendor has not specified particular third-party software. 

How Does Medsphere EHR Work?  

Here’s how to get started with the software after its successful installation:     

  • Log in to the system using your provided credentials 
  • Familiarize yourself with the user interface and dashboard layout 
  • Set up user access permissions and roles for your team 
  • Begin by entering patient data into the EHR system 
  • Configure practice management and billing settings for your facility 
  • Establish and follow standardized clinical workflows 
  • Utilize the integrated health network features for seamless communication 
  • Monitor and manage revenue cycles and billing processes 
  • Explore the training and support resources to maximize software usage 

The Medsphere EHR demo takes you through all of these steps in more detail.   

Who Is Medsphere EHR For?  

Medsphere EMR system caters to healthcare organizations of all sizes, from small ambulatory facilities to large acute care hospitals. It is specifically useful in the following: 

  • Inpatient EHR  
  • Billing and scheduling  
  • Ambulatory solutions  
  • Supply chain management  
  • Healthcare IT Consulting  
  • Patient tracking with risk management  
  • Pharmacy tracking 

Medsphere EHR Features  

The following are some of the more advanced features of the software:     

  • Vendor-Independent Approach 

Medsphere EHR takes a vendor-independent approach, providing healthcare organizations with the flexibility to choose and integrate third-party solutions seamlessly. This approach ensures that you can adapt and evolve your EHR system to meet your specific needs and remain free from vendor lock-in. 

  • Integrated Health Network Solutions 

Medsphere EHR offers comprehensive solutions for integrated health networks. It facilitates communication and data sharing among different healthcare facilities within the network, promoting coordinated care, efficient data management, and improved patient outcomes. 

  • Clinical Hospital Programs 

The software includes a wide range of clinical hospital programs to streamline critical processes, enhance patient care, and optimize clinical workflows. These programs cover everything from patient records to billing, ensuring comprehensive hospital management. 

  • Remote Service Desk 

Medsphere EHR provides a remote service desk, enabling healthcare professionals to access immediate technical support. This feature ensures that any IT-related issues are resolved promptly, reducing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted healthcare services. 

  • System Access Control  

With robust access control features, Medsphere EHR allows you to manage user access effectively. This ensures the security and confidentiality of patient data by controlling who can access specific information within the system. 

  • Revenue Cycle Management 

Medsphere EHR offers advanced revenue cycle management tools to help healthcare organizations maximize their revenue. It streamlines billing processes, optimizes claims processing, and ensures that payments are processed efficiently, ultimately boosting the financial health of the organization. 

Is Medsphere EHR Right For You?  

Elevate your healthcare delivery and patient services with Medsphere EHR, a distinguished name in healthcare solutions trusted by a spectrum of clients, including the Indian Health Service. With its commitment to security, scalability, and a suite of additional features, Medsphere EHR addresses crucial challenges to facilitate superior, secure patient care. 

If you're weighing whether Medsphere EHR is the optimal fit for your organization, we invite you to call us at (315) 215-3447. Our knowledgeable team is on hand to help guide you to a well-informed decision. 

Medsphere EHR Pricing Plans       

The software offers dynamic pricing plans. 



  • Ease-of-use: It is modern, affordable and easy-to-use.
  • Expensive: It is modern, affordable and easy-to-use.

Medsphere Systems EMR Software Features


Appointment Management/Scheduling




Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Customizable Forms/Reports


Document Management


Lab Integration


Online Payments


Immunization And Allergy Tracking


Mobile App




Order Management


Reporting And Analytics


Billing And Invoicing


Insurance Eligibility Verification


Claims Management


Inventory Management


Referral Management




Patient Demographics

Today's most popular FAQs

Does Medsphere EHR support mobile devices?

Yes, Medsphere EHR is designed to be accessible on various mobile devices, allowing healthcare professionals to access patient data and manage operations remotely.

How much does Medsphere EHR cost?

The software offers tailored pricing. Contact us for pricing details.

Is Medsphere EHR free?

Medsphere EHR is not typically offered for free; it is a comprehensive EHR solution with associated costs based on the needs of the healthcare organization.

What languages does Medsphere EHR support?

Medsphere EHR supports English.

What level of support does Medsphere EHR offer?

Medsphere EHR provides comprehensive support, including Email, chat, Live chat, and Knowledge base.

Who are the typical users of Medsphere EHR?

Medsphere EHR is typically used by healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, and integrated health networks, catering to healthcare professionals and administrators.

Medsphere Systems EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

1 Reviews


Anne P.

Medical Practice

11-50 Employees

February 2023

Effective Cloud-based EMR

February 2023

Effective Cloud-based EMR

Anne P.

Medical Practice

11-50 Employees

Pros thumbs-up

In the past 3 years of usage, I have been happy with the regular backups that Medsphere provides. My data is safe all the time and they even have a disaster recovery plan for coping against uncertain circumstances. The fact that it is cloud-based means that we are not forced to work from the clinic and can carry out home visits easily.

Cons thumbs-up

The UI is not as pleasing as it should be. While the data is safe, it does appear to be disorganized. There’s no way someone else can make sense of your work since the notes, labs, etc. are all stored at random places.