MedWorxs Evolution EMR

MedWorxs is an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system that has been developed to cater to the needs of medical practices. The software is ONC-ATCB certified and offers a wide range of features to assist daily tasks in small to medium-sized medical practice. Some of the key features MedWorxs Evolution EHR Software offers are revenue cycle management, reports, billing management, scheduling, insurance verification, and much more. The software helps medical practices ahead of time in order for them to meet the Meaningful Stage 1 requirements; this helps practices to qualify under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)  

A large amount of data can easily be exported in excel and other formats by using MediWorxs Evolution EHR software. The platform covers the needs of multiple specialties like cardiology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, and family medicine. The software also enables doctors to have a good view of data and help in multitasking as the software allows users to run multiple screens at a time.

MediWorxs Evolution EHR and PM software both are developed with a single interface and database. The software includes libraries of reports and pre-installed templates with the option for users to customize them at their discretion. This makes MedWorxs Evolution EHR software cost-effective and very practical in-office use.

MedWorxs Evolution EHR Software Pricing: Starts at $125.00 per month, per user.

Support: It offers online support during business hours.

MedWorxs USP: Offers an integrated picture archiving (PACS) system.

MedWorxs Advantages: Users can balance accounts and post them on a daily basis ensuring great cash flow, moreover the multiple screen option makes the work faster plus they are even easy to learn. Customer support is highly responsive

MedWorxs Limitations: Needs optimization as the software lags sometimes. It does not include working claims after denial.

MedWorxs Evolution EMR reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews



Shane Medical Clinic

2-10 employees

October 2020

Medi Works

The software works for me just fine it is great for my practice.

The software overtime slows down sometimes.


Jandyco PLLC

2-10 employees

December 2018

Consider other options

We started using this product in 2013. It is the same ever since.

Their customer service is poor and unresponsive.



2-10 employees

October 2016

Amazing Product

MedWorxs Evolution EMR offers enhanced workflow options and allows users to multitask.


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