Mend is a cloud-based medical management system that can be integrated with numerous EMR and practice management systems. With Mend, practitioners, and patients are able to share and connect data, messages, files, assessments, and more. The platform follows HIPAA guidelines and allows its users to communicate with their patients using an internet connection efficiently.

Mend's live chat and video conferencing tools can be used through a desktop or mobile device. The system comprises a drag and drop feature with which its users can easily share data with their patients through uploading data and inviting patients to chat by sending email links. Patients can easily schedule or reschedule their appointments at any time. It has a patient self-schedule feature, which lessens the number of no-shows and increases an organization's general efficiency. The vendor offers support through email, phone, tutorial, or live chat.

Mend Price: The pricing for Mend starts at $99 per month.

Mend Advantages: The system can be integrated with numerous electronic health record and practice management systems.

Mend Limitations: With a poor internet connection, the system glitches.

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