Mercury Medical Software

Medical is an innovative software that runs on a table-driven interface. It looks after the operational and clinical needs of a variety of medical specialties. This industry-recognized solution streamlines practices to enhance their efficiency.  

This interoperable EHR solution is well-integrated with the diagnostic devices. Physicians primarily rely on this vendor to handle their patient influx, manage the revenue stream and optimize their administrative tasks. It is the best bet for medical practitioners looking to transform their practices in and out.  

Mercury Medical Features: 

Data Analytics: 

Mercury Medical EMR offers data analytics functionality at a low cost. It empowers physicians to make effective decisions by consulting the detailed reports. In addition, the software helps conduct a thorough analysis of clinical functioning and performance.  

Leveraging the reports generated by the software, physicians can make accurate decisions. That is why reviews show clients refer to Mercury Medical as their official business decision supplement.  

Claims management: 

This intact solution offers robust tools for managing claims. Instead of just looking into the claims-creating process, it handles everything from scratch till the end. So whether it is claims creation or submission, this vendor runs the entire process smoothly.  

It scrubs off squeaky claims to minimize the rejection rate. And thus, it ensures a 99% first pass claim rate. Besides that, it runs eligibility tests to mitigate the error-induced element. Last but not the least, there is also a claims tracking tool to see the progress status of claims in real-time.  

Support Services: 

One of the best features of Mercury Medical is its extensive support services. The software offers endless support to practices leaving no loose ends. In addition, it tries its best to ensure physicians are well-equipped with all the services.  

The support package of Mercury Medical EHR is even covered in the demo. Even so, the prime services included in the support package of this software are system upgrades, unlimited email and telephonic support, software implementation, and training services.  

Mercury Medical Software Pricing:  

The pricing details of Mercury Medical software are not made public. But, in general, Mercury Medical software is considered an affordable cost solution for all medical specialties. For the detailed pricing structure, contact the sales team of Mercury Medical software.  

Mercury Medical EHR Demo: 

Mercury Medical EHR offers a cost-free demo. This demo of Mercury Medical EHR is created by skilled personnel who master the art of presentation. Schedule a demo now and see for yourself how the vendor works.  

Mercury Medical Reviews: 

Mercury Medical is a trusted vendor, which is evident by its positive reviews. As per the reviews, clients believe Mercury Medical meets their needs better than any other solution. In the user’s opinion, it is a well-structured platform that helps tackle clinical intricacies with a flick of fingers. Want to share your experience? Find the review section below. 

Our Thoughts: 

We can wrap up this post by saying that Mercury Medical is the first choice of practitioners seeking convenience. This exclusive solution handles the entire clinical workflow from the ground up leaving no room for errors. Also, its automated services let practitioners heave a sigh of relief.

Mercury Medical Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Does Medical Mercury software offer a free trial?

Yes, Medical Mercury software provides a free trial.

How much does Medical Mercury software cost?

Medical Mercury software costs are not provided by the vendor. Head over to the company site to get the pricing details.

What is Mercury Medical software mainly used for?

Mercury Medical software is mainly used to streamline medical practices towards optimum efficiency, enabling them to achieve greater productivity through easy—to—use Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software, Practice Management (PM) software, and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services.

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Mercury Medical Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Albert T.

Hospital & Healthcare

11-50 Employees

October 2022

It is very reliable software that integrates with your system seamlessly

I have been a consistent user for the past two decades and would confidently recommend it to anyone looking for a medical practice management system. We are a multidisciplinary clinic where many providers are billed for various services in various categories. Mercury makes it possible to distinguish between them on all reports. It is by far the most sophisticated software solution I have used. The collection reports are highly useful in that they let you filter out any phone conversations.

The support team seems to be understaffed. The implementation of the new system would have gone more smoothly and easily if it had been better structured and planned. They have an implementation strategy that wasn't made apparent from the start, which made it difficult to manage expectations and caused some dissatisfaction on our end.

Lee C.

Medical Practice

11-50 employees

October 2022

I can forget about the clients I haven’t talked to in months, but Mercury remembers them for me!

Mercury is flexible and has changed itself immensely to meet the needs of my clinic. A list of features I love includes but is not limited to auto-update of pinned and saved searches, direct interface with Office 365, and allowing emails to come from your mailbox.

Even though Mercury has almost everything I need, I don't think it's as simple to use as the other platforms we tried. I'd like to see Mercury's future revisions place a greater emphasis on simplicity and a more aesthetically pleasing user interface.

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