What is MICA Medical Software?


MICA Medical is a fully integrated, customizable Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software suite known for its fast, easy access, and affordable healthcare management services. With its online portal services, MICA Medical offers Medical Billing, Revenue Cycle Management, Claims Follow-up, Cloud-Based Data Hosting and Backup, Interim Staff, Practice Consulting, etc.

Equipped with Compliance tracking, MICA Medical helps organize and monitor compliance data to ensure that no valuable information is lost. It helps the software communicate and document diversified compliance activities, ensuring that all required operations are working efficiently.

All in all, it’s an all-inclusive electronic health record (EHR) suite that includes Practice Management Software (PMS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Document Management Imaging, etc. It also assists its users in providing outsourced billing service and revenue cycle management for healthcare practices, Information Technology network services, and hardware. 

What is MICA Medical Software Best for?

MICA Medical claims to be the #1 Value-Added Reseller in the United States of Intelligent Medical Software (IMS). MICA Medical is known for establishing enduring relationships with its customers and users. 
It also offers Laboratory integration that allows users to trend and graph values and figures for recurring labs to evaluate the progress shown by the patient during treatment. Moreover, it offers Automated Appointment Reminders that assist the client in remembering the appointment date and time. 

MICA Medical Software Pricing

The pricing schedule for MICA Medical is not available from the provider. MICA Medical offers a free trial to its beginners, but the vendor has also not shared the details of its free trial.
For training sessions and support, MICA Medical software charges a fee upon purchase. 

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MICA Medical Software Integration

MICA Medical software integrates with NOAH AMS, which assists association management. NOAH AMS works in close coordination with data at both personal and organizational levels of detail. It is a meta-database strengthening marketing, communication, membership management, and certification system. 

How does MICA Medical Software Work?

MICA Medical software can be accessed by following the given steps;

  1. Subscribe to MICA Medical. Put in your credentials in the designated slots.
  2. Customer support will send login credentials for successful access.
  3. Now access the Activity Dashboard to view and enter patient-related details.
  4. Update patient orders, history, prescription writing, billing, insurance claims, and follow-ups to streamline the workflow. 
  5. Start using features such as e-billing, e-medicine, automatic patient follow-up tasks, lab results, etc.

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Who is MICA Medical Software for?

MICA Medical works efficiently for mid-sized businesses, small organizations, non-profit organizations, governmental departments, enterprises, and freelancers. 

It has been reported to work best for small and large medical and therapy practices. Target clients also include solo medical officers. It can cater to up to 100 healthcare providers. 

MICA Medical Software Features

The features of MICA Medical are described as follows:


  • Medical Billing
    MICA Medical software provides a Medical Billing facility allowing patients to pay their bills in close coordination with their insurance companies or any third-party payer. This feature helps in claims management by delivering billing invoices to patients.
  • Revenue Cycle Management
    MICA Medical software is equipped with Revenue Cycle Management that helps keep track of revenue from patients’ preliminary appointments to the final payment of service charges. 
  • Claims Follow-up
    MICA Medical is equipped with a claims follow-up service that provides accurate claims. This service helps the healthcare facility in recovering overdue payments and charges. 
  • Interim Staff
    MICA Medical Software provides users with an option of Interim Staff. An Interim employee works to replace another employee on a break. An interim employee works during that period of inactivity.
  • Practice Consulting
    MICA Medical has an option of practice consulting that allows users to gain insights from medical professionals working in specialized domains. 

How is MICA Medical Different from Other Software?

MICA Medical software is different from other software as Is it Right for You?

MICA Medical Software is a cloud-based software available to users with an internet connection. It can be deployed on SaaS, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Windows, and MacBook. 

The software also offers customer support during business hours. The customers can be trained via webinars, online, or in person. It allows Televisit, Patient Self Check-in, Integrated Credit Card processing, and Automated Appointment Reminding set-up.

If you're looking for a professional electronic health record system equipped with medical billing service at a suitable price, MICA Medical software might be a good purchase.


  • An Application Programming Interface that allows mobile phone apps, developers, and management tools to use pertinent data from an available API.
  • Allows the users to remove unnecessary tools


  • MICA Medical has limited information regarding its pricing schedule
  • Data entry load may lead to software burnout

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does MICA Medical Software cost?

The cost of MICA Medical software is not available. However, you can click Get Pricing above to source a customized pricing plan.

Is MICA Medical Software cloud-based?

Yes, MICA Medical software provides cloud-based data hosting and backup.

What are the main features of MICA Medical Software?

The main features of MICA Medical software include claims management, medical billing, treatment planning, compliance tracking, initial assessments, reminders, e-prescribing, etc.

What level of support does MICA Medical have?

The software provides support via the help desk, email, and phone. Customer support can be approached during business hours.

Who are the main users of MICA Medical Software?

MICA Medical works efficiently for mid-sized businesses, small organizations, non-profit organizations, governmental departments, enterprises, and freelancers. It has been reported to work best for small and large medical and therapy practices. Target clients include solo medical officers. It can cater to up to 100 healthcare providers.

MicaMedical Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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