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ModuleMD is a SaaS solution for the medical fields of pulmonology, allergy, immunology, and sleep practices. The vendor has been serving the healthcare industry for two decades now. Designed by physicians, this ONC-certified solution aims to improve clinical revenue and patient satisfaction rates. It is a one-stop shop which packs flawless deliverables for all independent practitioners. In addition, ModuleMD healthcare solutions lead to shortened cash flow cycles with 100% transparency. 

The value proposition of ModuleMD is its tech-driven patient portal and billing expertise. It results in higher marginal revenue and delivers improved ROI for healthcare practices. Another added benefit of ModuleMD, is its bi-directional partner integrations. These integrations enhance product offerings and overall clinical outcomes.  

ModuleMD Features 

Patient Portal

Now patients can experience increased efficiency in their healthcare procedures with the mobile Patient Portal app of ModuleMD. It works on all android and iOS devices, making it easier to review lab reports and clear invoices. Patients can update their demographic information, track medication history and connect with providers, using the intuitive Module MD patient portal. It even allows transfer of contactless information, which comes with an easy-to-use menu.  

Revenue Cycle Management

With ModuleMD, medical practices can resolve all revenue stream challenges like a pro. This solution aligns its services with financial objectives, and approaches patient collections in the best way possible. With managed billing, A/R management, audit controls, and claims processing services, RCM processes become a no-brainer. ModuleMD even features charge processing, EOB, automated payments, and credit card processing service for its clients.  

Practice Management

Management is an arduous task for clinical administrators as they have to juggle multiple workflows simultaneously. This all-inclusive feature of Practice Management streamlines day-to-day activities, cutting front desk managers some slack. ModuleMD even offers timesheet-tracking to handle payrolls easily. Admin controls filters also ensure high quality of data, without messing up patient records. Additionally, the synced calendar scheduling allows for seamless appointment management.  

ModuleMD Pricing 

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ModuleMD Demo 

Dive into the demo of ModuleMD Healthcare solutions and examine its features up-close. Access the demo by clicking on the “Watch Demo” option at the top.  

ModuleMD Reviews 

The reviews of ModuleMD Healthcare solutions are also quite appealing. The vendor hassecured positive user statements, as all practitioners like the way it works. Since it features different modules for multiple specialties, it caters to the needs of a wide range of healthcare problems. This web-based software upholds strict security protocols as well. For further insights, consult the Reviews Section shared below.  

Our Thoughts 

Overall, ModuleMD is an extensive EHR solution. Its versatility and agile nature enhance multiple clinical workflows. Evidently, medical professionals can’t get enough of this all-inclusive platform. Moreover, the patient portal feature of Module MD holds a special significance for the practitioners as it keeps them constantly connected with the patients. We believe this software is worth consideration but before you invest in it, you can check out its free demo though the “Watch Demo” button above. 

Today's most popular FAQs

Does ModuleMD software offer a free trial?

The software does not provide a free trial, but it does offer a free demo.

What is ModuleMD Wise software mainly used for?

The ModuleMD software solution is used to increase employee efficiency and productivity, which improves patient care and boosts revenue growth.

What is the implementation process of ModuleMD software?

The software offers a demo option for the users to understand its features completely. Additionally, it has customer support to solve all the problems of the users. It also provides training for the new employees to help them get their hands on the software.

Which medical departments prefer ModuleMD software?

The software is specially designed while keeping the needs of pulmonology and allergy specialists in view.

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